Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz

Recently I enter and won a giveaway from Erin the Irish Mama. What did I win exactly? Something I knew I would use (that I'm already using anyways) and something I was really excited about. It was two free boxes of k-cups from Cape Java. I gave them my request for a box of Wolfgang Puck's Creme Caramel and Kahlua flavored pods, and they arrived a few days later and even included a free sample of Hawaiian Blend. (I have no idea if the free sample is a standard practice, but if I had to guess it was only because I won a give away.)
One thing I enjoyed about Cape Java was this their selection. I'm used to going to my local grocery store and really only having a handful of k-cups to choose from. But using their website I found cup I had never heard of before. They even had ice tea pods, which I would have loved to have tried, except at the time I placed my order they were out of stock. So instead of choosing my favorite (Apple cider, which I never seem to have in the house since I go through them so quickly), I decided on something that would be new to me.
As for the coffee pods themselves, it's interesting because I didn't taste the creme caramel (in the photo above) and think, "This tastes like caramel!" Or with the kahlua (brewing in the photo below), feel all "liquor-y." Instead it was more of, wow this tastes good! Would I buy this flavors again? Well, obviously not if I'm shopping at my local store since I'd never find them. But I think if I ever try Cafe Java again, I'd want to try something different.
Do you have a Keurig machine? If so, what's your favorite k-cup to buy? Or instead, what's your favorite coffee flavor.

This is not a sponsored post. Instead I was just excited to share my giveaway win with all my readers!


  1. My husband would die if I won that many kcups lol! We are some coffee lovers in this house:)

  2. I love my Keurig!!! Most of my favorite K-cups are seasonal - coconut, pumpkin spice, raspberry, Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate. And basically any Dunkin's K-Cups in general. However, I recently bought one of those little plastic reusable K-Cups because I get so sad when I see awesome-sounding coffee grounds at the store...and then they don't have them in K-Cups. Plus I save so much money and I feel "green"-er. So for that I really love Dunkin's mocha mint, Folger's mocha swirl.

  3. I am not that huge of a coffee drinker, but there are some keurigs around at work - I just have never gotten to try one!

  4. I'm totally jealous. I have made the big purchase and bought the machine. I always love seeing and tasting the different k cups though!