Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non-gagement Photos

The boy and I aren't taking engagement photos. But are you really that surprised by that considering this is what he tries to do to all our photos.
Drenched from the rain
But even so it was a surprise to me. "We have to take engagement photos," I told him, "We need them for our save the dates." So what did the boy do, he googled save-the-dates. "I found hundreds of different save-the-dates that don't include photos. It doesn't look like they're required."

So basically I lost that fight. After having the same discussion for several weeks we did at least come to a compromise. The boy agreed to take a single photo that we could use. Basically he wanted me to find a single pose, and make that one photo work. Which meant we could have a photo on our STDs, but no photoshoot.

Since we're not taking an engagement shoot the rest of this post is pretty ridiculous, but even so I thought it would be fun to share inspiration for the photoshot that could have been.

First I'd want to take photos at LSU which is where the boy and I met, something similar to Mrs. Cheeseburger's own engagement shoot at Penn State, where she met her husband.

As for the places we'd use, the first picture I shared of the boy and I was taken at a football game at Tiger Stadium, the same place as this.

Seriously, how amazing would it be to take photos on the field like this couple, or even instead at Alex Box Stadium. (Sadly it doesn't look like anyways taken photos on the field there, or at least none that I can find. So you'll have to settle of this photo I took of the field itself.)
The New Alex Box Stadium
I'd also love to go back and take photos inside the classroom where we first met. Mrs. Sunbeam had a similar idea, except she took photos the morning of her wedding and this is at their high school instead.

For one final photo, we're back at LSU on the quad outside the library.

The boy and I used to spend our time between classes sitting on those benches talking, and it doesn't hurt that it's an awfully pretty location either.

Are you taking engagement photos, or are you like us instead? And if you could take an engagement photo session anywhere, where would you choose?


  1. Love the LSU fandom! I didn't go to LSU (I was too chicken for undergrad, and Alabama offered me more money for grad school), but I've been a fan forever! My boyfriend is a football coach, so our lives revolve around football and our house is pretty much a shrine to LSU.

    It'd be awesome if you could get on the field in Tiger Stadium, but the Quad is pretty too!

  2. Aw! This is a cute post. I hope you get that one great pic! I LOVE the pic on the football field! My friend got engaged there b/c her husband-to-be worked in the athletic dept at the time, but i didn't know you could get engagement photos done there! We had ours done downtown & got a lot of nice ones, but i love seeing them at LSU, too.

    LOVE the classroom pic. How cute is that!?

  3. I liked that classroom photo! And all of them, of course. So cute and sweet! I love that the boy researched save the dates to prove you didn't need photos. ;)

    Where I would take them depends on the guy, but I'd probably try to take them along the river close to where I live. It's so gorgeous with all the bridges and the water!

  4. Because I was 22 and didnt know any better, we went to Walmart, ha! I would do things completely different now!

  5. I LOVE that he googled save the dates to find out that you in fact do not need photo's for them. LOL.

    I didn't really think our engagement photos through super well. I wish we had a photographic kitchen and I would have had photos taken of us cooking together and drinking wine since it's one of our favourite things to do. I ended up being really happy with the set of our engagement photos in the trails because we do hike in there and walk the dog in there a lot!

  6. Aw yay! I'm glad that he finally agreed to at least taking a photo!