Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back to the Holidays

I know I'm about two weeks late here, but I wanted to at least both something about Christmas before it was already in July or so. We spent the Christmas morning at the boy's sister's house where the kids tore into their presents.
For dinner, I contributed a few items that are being old favorites, mashed potatoes, Bacon-wrapped, parmesan-stuffed dates, and lemon bars.
And for fun decided to try out something new with a berry crumble.
I used this recipe except added raspberries to the mix. I was actually really surprised at how it turned out. I wasn't completely sure about it when I pulled it out of the oven, but it actually impressed me a little. And I do apologize that the picture is so zoomed in, you can barely tell what you're looking at. I tried to be artistic, but didn't quite succeed.

Since I know you're curious I figured it'd be fun to share a few of my favorite Christmas gift. The boy gave me a Disney princess ornament he'd purchased at Disney World.
It's a little hard to see, but inside are Belle, Aurora, and Cinderella.

The boy's sister gave me cookbook called I heart Sugar
With chapters titled "Yummy," "Scrumptious," "Crunchy," and "Gooey," there's several things inside I can't wait to make.

The boy's parents gifted me an organizer for my k-cups.
And both his mom and sister also added several flavors to my collection.
Out of all my new flavors I was expecting to like the pumpkin spice best. But while I do like it, it isn't my favorite. (It's a little too spice-y and not enough pumpkin-y for my taste.) Instead I'm loving the apple cider the best, which I didn't expect since I'm not a fan of actual apple juice and it's not even coffee.

It was a good Christmas. Although now that I'm older and not living at home, as I said last year, it's almost lost a bit of magic. I still do enjoy it though, and think that when I have children of my own, it'll bring some of the magic back.

Did you have a good Christmas? What were some of your favorite gifts received?


  1. K cups are the best!! Glad you had a good Christmas

  2. That k cup organizer is cool! My parents got a keurig for Christmas from their employees. I will have to tell my mom about the organizer! She'd love it!

    I love the ornament!!

    My favorite gift was the point and shoot camera i got from my parents :)

  3. I need an organizer like that! I don't like the carousel type kinds b/c they take up counter space so this is perfect!

    My favorite gift was probably my Pandora bracelet!