Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Movie Review

Man on a Ledge
Have you seen the preview for this? Then you've pretty much seen the entire money. And yet, even though I knew exactly what to expect it was still a fun money. Part of me does kind of wish they had edited the preview differently so there was more of a surprise. But I do think it says a lot about the movie, that even without being surprised it was still enjoyable.

Although if you've been lucky enough to avoid the long trailer, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts. No it isn't a movie that I'd rush out to see, but again, you could probably do a lot worse than this.


  1. I did want to see that but maybe I'll wait and rent it. We saw The Grey over the weekend. Very creepy and depressing!

  2. The title is hilarious . . . so obvious. haha. I've seen the trailer at the movies but it's probably best for me to wait and rent it out on dvd.