Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Next Door

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
About halfway through this one I told myself that this wasn't quite in the same class as Perkins' other Anna and the French Kiss. That's not to say I wasn't enjoying it, because I was, just more that I hadn't completely fallen. But after I work my way through the second half I have to admit that well Anna is still my favorite, this one more than holds its own.

First to start with, what I wanted to know before I read the book, was about Anna & Etienne's cameos. I was expecting a one-liner similar to the way Emily Giffin does it. But they wound up being pretty important characters, and more than that I don't think you had to read the first to get it. I believe that if you picked up Lola first, you would really have no idea that Anna had her own book because she fit into the story so seamlessly.

Now it feels a little silly mentioning, mainly because it was written so well and felt so normal it doesn't need to be pointed out. But the fact that Lola was being raised by by two gay males felt completely ordinary, and not the least bit awkward. It did help that the story took place in San Francisco, but not once did any character really remark on the living situation or not feel at ease. It was just that these were Lola's parents with a typical parental relationship.

And then of course there's Lola. If there ever was a book that I wanted to see made as a movie this was it. Lola wants to be a costume designer, and some of the outfits shes where are so over the top and magical. There's one outfit, the final outfit actually, that I can somewhat picture in my head, but think is the number one reason this should be a movie.

I definitely think this is a perfect companion to Anna, but more than that stands perfectly on its own feet. If you haven't picked up anything by Stephanie Perkins yet, than really what are you waiting for?



  1. I haven't read either Anna or Lola. But both are on my tbr list.

  2. This is still sitting on my nightstand! I cannot believe I haven't been able to read it yet!