Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fallen Angels

The Fallen by Thomas E. Sniegoski
This is technically two books bound as one (The Fallen and Leviathan). I wasn't sure if it made more sense to review each book separately, but since I read them as one, a combined review seems to be the most logical to me.

Aaron assumes he's a normal teenager, but in the nights leading up to his 18th birthday he starts having weird nightmares. And once he turns 18 he realizes he can understand any language, including those spoken by animals. He soon discovers he is a Nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel, and gets caught up in the battle between the Fallen Angels and the Powers. Except there's rumors of a chosen one, one who will forgive the Fallen, and reunite all the angels again.

I'm not sure why this book couldn't draw me in. I know people before me have loved it (turns out there was an ABC Family movie, which I didn't realize till I finished the book), but I wasn't one of them. I just seemed to feel confused through much of the book. It seemed to jump back and forth between scenes and narrators, and even by the end I was still confused by who a lot of the characters were. Don't get me wrong I never disliked the book, but I didn't really feel engrossed r drawn in, until the end of the second book. (Which makes me wonder if I had read the first standalone if I would have still picked up the second.)

I think part of it was that Aaron came off as boring to me. There were several other characters who I enjoyed, but Aaron didn't seem to have a real distinct personality.

This book does still have a lot of the elements that should make a great story. I didn't hate the book and if I stumble on the next of the series I would still read it, but I don't see myself going out of my way to continue the story.



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  2. I ended up reading all four books in the series (and I just found out another one is coming out) b/c I enjoyed the abcfamily movie. But I have to admit, I didn't really enjoy the books. They were good, but too many things just didn't add up for me :/