Saturday, July 9, 2011

Back to the Borgais

Light on Lucrzia by Jean Plaidy
This is the first book of Plaidy's I've read that reads like a true sequel. It picks up right where Madonna of the Seven Hills ends. Lucrezia is no longer married and no longer with her former lover. The story opens with Alphonso traveling to Rome for his marriage to Lucrezia. Alphonso is the sister of Sanchia, who is the wife of Lucrezia brother, who is also the mistress of Lucrezia's other brother, who was also the mistress of Lucrezia's other brother until he was murdered by yes, his own and still Lucrezia's brother. It sounds a little over the top, and if it was fiction, a little unbelievable. But knowing this is based on fact turns this unbelievable story into reality.

The story is actually prefaced by a note from the author about the character of Lucrezia. History has painted her as a wicked character just like the rest of her family, capable of murder, love affairs, and even insect. But Plaidy's point of view is that she was instead innocent of this, but tainted do to her connection with the rest of her family. I haven't read anything else about the Borgias, but as Lucrezia is written here you can't help falling in love with her, and even feel a bit sorry for her.

It's no surprise given the author that I loved the book. But what might be more of a surprise is that I loved the story of Lucrezia and the rest of the Borgias. Reading this definitely make me want to read more about the family, and yes what the Showtime series as well. If you want to know what this family is all about, I would suggest the book (and its prequel) to find out just why this family is so infamous.



  1. I've been looking for a book to read this week, I'll add this to my life!

  2. I have never read any of her books. I have only read Phillipa Gregory whom I really like. How would you compare the two? Maybe I ought to try a Jean Plaidy book as well. THanks for the review!