Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to the Angels

The Fallen 2 by Thomas E. Sniegoski
Aerie and Reckoning
Again this is an omnibus of the 3rd and 4th books of the series, and since I read them as one, I think it makes the most sense to review them as one as well. It is interesting reading them together like this, because the similarities in how they're constructed are quite evident. Each volume of the series starts the same way, with the death of some saintly being, and while the construction could be seen as almost repetitive, instead I think its almost comforting knowing what to expect.

The book begins immeadiatly after the end of Leviathan, the second in the series, with Aaron continuing his fight against The Powers and to help redeem the Fallen Angels. While I did find the first two a bit slow and almost disengaged from, this book did a great job at capturing my attention, and I really enjoyed journey more on Aaron's and the rest of the Fallen Angels' journey.

Another complaint I had with the first was that I was often confused but the subplots and many unfamiliar names. But now that I was more acquainted with the various characters and types of spiritual beings, I was able to better follow the story as a whole.

I definitely enjoyed the second volume much more than the first, and am glad I stuck around. The series does come to a satisfying conclusion by the end, and seemed to tie up all the loose knots. But while this last book was published in 2004, the author has actually decided to publish a 5th book this fall. Given the ending, I would imagine this isn't a direct sequel the overall story is over, but more to give us an idea of the future of the Nephilim. Either way I'm curious to see where he'll take the story and am planning on picking up the newest one this fall.


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