Sunday, May 29, 2011


I have to say after blogger being down for a few days recently and now not being able to comment I'm getting a little frustrated with blogger. Just know there's been multiple times where I've tried to comment our your blog lately, but I haven't been able to. But by that same logic there could be hundreds of being trying to comment on mine as well, right? But I'm sure eventually things will be back to normal. But until then, here's a little Getting to Know You Sunday fun!
1. would you rather go on a picnic or to a bbq?
I'd be more than happy with either on, but right now I'm leaning towards a bbq.

2. would you rather go bra-less or panty-less?
As long as I'm being lazy around the house either, I'm pretty much fine either way.

3. would you rather go on a $5000 shopping spree at your favorite store or go on a $5000 vacation?
Vacation definitely! I'm not a big shopper. Although you could probably make $5,000 go a lot further shopping.

4. would you rather eat escargot or sauteed crickets?
I've eaten (and enjoyed!) escargot before, so this one's a pretty easy answer for me.

5. would you rather go on survivor or the amazing race?
I love both shows, but Amazing Race would be a lot more enjoyable.

6. would you rather be hot or cold?
I'm going to sound hypocritical saying this, because it's ridiculously hot and wish it were cooler, but I'd still rather be hot than cold.

7. would you rather go to the beach or lake?
I'm a California girl! It's definitely a beach for me!

8. would you rather not shave your legs for a month in the summer or your armpits?
Neither one sounds that great, but I'd have to say I'd rather be shaving under my arms.

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  1. I'm a beach girl too - but the other ocean in NJ! It's gorgeous this weekend in Boston and I am home-sick for the beach! I did get to picnic in a park yesterday, better than nothing, right? And I agree, 5,000 dollar vacation hands down!

  2. A vacation! No questions asked. The experiences are worth so much more then material items, but honestly i don't even know if I could spend 5000 in one store

  3. Although I need a whole new wardrobe, I would definitely choose a $5000 vacation!

    Stopping by from GTKY!!