Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

This past weekend the boy and I went to get snow cones. And by that I mean the boy drove and waited in the car for me to buy one. We had snow cones back in California (I used to always get them at big soccer tournaments), but what we don't have a little stands on the side of the road that only open up in the summer.
I decided to go with my current favorite flavor-wedding cake. (Something else I had never heard of until I moved to Louisiana. Although I think it's more that it's a newer flavor instead of a cultural thing.) I had them top it with whipped cream and for fun they threw a gummy worm on top.
It's the first time I've had a gummy on top of a snowball, but I wasn't completely surprised since Becky posted the same thing a few weeks ago. Maybe gummy worms on top is the new trend in the snow cone industry?

But this brings us to the most important question... in California we called them snow cones, but here they're snowballs. So which do you use? Or maybe you're completely different and just use shaved ice? And what's your favorite flavor?


  1. I'm all about the water ice. Not the stuff in the Dixie cups in your grocery store freezer I'm talking real philadelphia water ice made with fresh ingredients! Best combo is half vanilla and half root beer!!

  2. I call them Hawaiian Ice. yum!

  3. I'm from louisiana, as you know. We call them snowballs. Sno Cones are those things in cone shaped cups with ice so hard it can break your teeth!

    you should try a stuffed snowball. those are yummy.