Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's a Sis-mance?

One of the most surprising things about this movie is that the boy was actually a fan. When we started seeing previews for this he swore there was no way he'd see it. But after hearing the reviews, and realizing it's not really a chick flick it was almost his idea to see this one. (He was faced with this versus Something Borrowed which is actually more of a chick flick.)

There were so many scenes the came over as so ridiculous and over the top it's hard to pick a favorite. The toasting at the engagement party, the airplane scene, the drive-by., and of course the actually wedding at the end.

Although while completely enjoyable, since I'm currently planning a wedding parts of the movie freaked me out in a OMG-what-if-that-happens-to-me type of feeling. Granted some things I'd be okay with like the life size chocolate fountain or even puppies as a favor, but other like the fights between the woman while planning- that scares me.

But overall the movie is laugh out loud funny. And like I said before, even the boy wound up as a fan.


  1. I really, really want to see this! Everyone has been raving about this one!

  2. I can't wait (for it to come on out Redbox/Netflix (instant)) to see this!

  3. I really want to see this one, but have a feeling I will wait until it's out on dvd since i never go to movies anymore. As someone who has been a bridesmaid 8 times, I think I would appreciate it... But of course, nothing crazy has happened in any wedding I"ve been in. Well, besides the bride being a total lunatic in one wedding, but hey - 1 out of 8 isn't bad. ;)

  4. This movie looks hilarious from the previews!

  5. The NY Times gave it a good review! So now I am dying to see it!!