Monday, March 14, 2011

Shopping Spree

I had a $75 gift card for Target that I've been pretty much been dying to spend. I wasn't planning on going crazy, except I wanted to be able to treat myself. I went through pretty much every toy aisle, wishing I was still a kid and what I would have chosen. I came away without anything I would have considered a toy as a kid, but definitely feel like I spoiled myself.
Target Trip
It really doesn't look like that much, except when you consider the big tickets items (wine rack, shower curtain, picture frame) were each around $20. Once you factor that in, it shouldn't be a surprise that the $75 gift card wasn't near enough and I wound up with around $50 out of pocket.

But what else do you seen in the picture? There's a book, a package of hangers, some scrapbooking stickers, 4 packets of seeds, 2 cans of soup, 1 jar of salsa, fruit leather strips, and a box of noodles with peanut sauce. Also bought, but not pictured, are 3 frozen meals (Kashi & Amy's), 1 package of mushroom pasta, and a block of aged gouda.

I guess it's not that bad considering last year when I had a $75 gift card to spend at Target the total was closer to $150. I guess I'm learning right?

How good are you at staying in a budget when shopping? And if you had $75 to spend at Target, just what would you buy?


  1. Clothes! I buy most of my clothes at Target or Old Navy. $75 would take me very far either.

  2. I LOVE gift cards because I lvoe shopping but I don't love spending my own money! Haha

  3. I'm terrible at staying on budget... If I had a 75 dollar gift card to target I'd be taking home clothes!

  4. I love Target! If I go in Target my budget goes out the window.

  5. I do the exact same thing when I have giftcards! For some reason the giftcard justifies my spending... yeah, my reasoning is ridiculous.
    If I had a $75 giftcard for Target I would probably shop for some cute new spring clothes!

  6. Target is a dangerzone for me! I rarely walk out w/out spending less than $50! I think you did really well! If I had $75 to spend there, I would probably buy some new running tops and food!

  7. Target is one place where I can go in and lose complete track of my money!