Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In The Garden

Anyone else remember that line from the 90s version of The Secret Garden? When Mary does magic to bring her uncle back, and in his dream there's the almost haunting line, "In the garden..." No? Well I loved that movie, so for whatever reason it's stuck with me.
Now I know what you're thinking. Didn't she just post photos of her backyard last week? And yes, yes I did. But it's my blog, my backyard, so here we go!
Plus most of these flowers weren't there last week, and some of the ones from last week are already gone.
Fig Tree
And go pull up last week's fig tree picture and compare it to the one above to see how much it's changed. I can't wait till the figs are back! I kind of fell in love with them last year.
As always I have no idea the names of these flowers, so if you do, please share!
Now I'll let you look through the rest in peace and quiet, without my crazy chatter.
Anyone have a favorite out of all these flowers?


  1. that is one of my most favorite movies!

  2. Love wisteria (1st pic) and it looks like you have another of my faves - japanese magnolia (2nd to last). And the last pic is azalea. The larger white flowers look like camellias, but i'm not sure. Do you have flower beds too? It's been so beautiful recently, it makes me want to go to the nursery for new spring plants.

  3. I love azeleas (the last pic). I can't wait for stuff to start blooming here.

  4. I love them all! Mail me some branches!! :-)

  5. Oh I want flowers! My dad is a landscape architect. I'm thinking I'll con him into fixing me up a window box or something similar on my quick trip home in a couple of weeks!

  6. Very pretty! Love your backyard and all the flowers!