Monday, March 7, 2011

Feeling Bridal

This past weekend I spent the weekend at my first bridal show. We're still early in the planning process, which means we haven't booked anything and still aren't ready to at this point. But it was still fun to go and check out the different vendors, see the site set up similar to how it would be for a wedding, but most of all just to enjoy the atmosphere.
We arrived at the venue. They had tables set up in front to register. The rooms inside were filled with various vendors, as was the ballroom in the back.
Most of these pictures were taken at the end of the day, which is why it's starting to look a little empty. But we were still there to visit with all the various vendors including photographers, djs, salons, videographers, and even a photo booth company.
Outside they had tables and food stations set up. This venue doesn't do a traditional tasting, instead you're able to taste their food at their bridal show. The food was good, and knowing the amount of people here far exceed the number we'd have at our wedding, meant that making food taste the same on the day of the wedding wouldn't be a problem.
Unfortunately they didn't have a huge selection of food to try, but everything I had was good. This is chicken & sausage jambalaya, crawfish etouffee in mini bouquette, and a mini natchitoches meat pie.

They did also have a display of fresh fruit, cheeses, and various grilled vegetables.
Of course how can you experience a wedding without wedding cake, right? And luckily there was at least one bakery on site with samples.
If I remember correctly is was chocolate cake with either fudge or chocolate icing, red velvet, and traditional wedding cake (almond flavored) with vanilla icing. We both agreed that our favorite was the red velvet.

Except the day wasn't over, except the post is already long enough. So I'll be back later this week, with more bridal fun! As for a clue as to what to come... well what's the main thing missing from this bridal post?


  1. Dresses! Where are the dresses?

  2. That's a gorgeous venue! How fun!!

    I agree with the above commenter - I want to hear all about dress shopping!! :)

  3. Dresses!

    White Oak Plantation is a very popular place for all kinds of events. A girl I was friends with a long time ago had her wedding there recently if you want to see some pictures of it in actual "wedding" mode check out this photographers blog:

    Can't wait to read more!

  4. Yep, we need to hear about the dress!! Are you going to get married in LA, or L.A.?

  5. mmmm...Ambrosia Bakery! Is there a bridal show at the Houmas House?

  6. Seeing that food made me miss Louisiana so much! I miss crawfish etoufee and spicy Bloody Marys on a regular basis!