Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Traditions

I hope everyone had a very happy thanksgiving! I did and I'm back to my regularly schedule non-review posting. (Although don't be surprised to see yet another book or movie review in the next day or so!) But since it be silly not to share some of Thanksgiving...
Pumpkin Pie
I made pumpkin pie. We celebrate with my future in-laws (haha... feels so weird writing that), but they aren't big pumpkin pie people. Since it doesn't feel like Thanksgiving to me without one I took on the responsibility myself. It looks pretty enough in the picture, but by the following day the entire circumference of the filling had pulled away from the crust. I'm not sure what happened, but it was easily covered with homemade whipped cream.
Bacon Wrapped Dates
Our other contribution to the meal was the bacon wrapped dates stuffed with parmesan above. These are probably becoming somewhat of a holiday tradition for the boy and I. We make an assembly line of pitting, stuffing, and wrapping, and each year we've been able to make them a little bit easier. Plus they are pretty much amazing, sweet from the dates, cheesy from the parmesan, and of course bacon-y from the bacon.
Finally there's the boy's family's Thanksgiving tradition, a bowl of gumbo. While their thanksgivings may or may not have turkey or stuffing or ham or mashed potatoes, the once constant every year is a big batch of gumbo. Not a bad tradition to keep, especially as long as I get my favorite traditions too! I hope all my American readers had a happy thanksgiving! And tell me what are your favorite Thanksgiving traditions?


  1. That pie looks yummy!

    Favorite Thanksgiving traditions - definitely having my entire family in one place! I've gotten rather fond of my mom's pumpkin rolls and the venison my stepdad insists on having with his 'secret sauce' in addition to our turkey. Oh, and my grandma's chocolate pie!

  2. Well the boy started a Thanksgiving tradition here in the LBC of Thanksgiving gumbo with his duck gumbo. However i think we have changed it up this year to make Turkey gumbo with the leftover Turkey carcass and andouille.

  3. Everytime you've posted about those bacon wrapped dates, I've thought oh my gosh I have to try those! Maybe at Christmas I'll finally do it! They look yummy!