Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Can't Wait for NKOTBSB

You look confused? Have you never heard of NKOTBSB? Well what if I write it out as NKOTB and BSB? Make more sense then?

In case you haven't already heard the New Kids and Backstreet are going on tour next summer! They're starting with a limited number of tour dates (Toronoto, NYC, L.A., and Chicago) and depending how those dates work out they might add more. Right now I'm really hoping all the pieces fall into place and I'm able to see them all perform in New York next summer. But if you wanted to see them and you're not able to go to one of the concerts, I believe they're all set to perform at the AMA's this Sunday. So remember, KT(NKOT)BSPA!

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