Thursday, November 18, 2010

Show us Your... Laundry Room

The theme this week at Kelly's Korner Show us Your Life is bonus rooms/playrooms/laundry rooms. Since I only have one of those 3 I'm sharing my laundry room.
Landry Room
I realize it's not that exciting. We haven't really done anything in here except add "the stuff." The paint color and curtains were hung by the previous owner. But sharing this photo reminds me of a story that I've never shared before on From L.A. to LA, so sit back and enjoy...

The Tale of the Iron and the Mixer
Back when the boy and I were first looking for a house together we spend a few months living with his sister's family. As it worked out we found an apartment and they found a new house at the same time, so within a few days we were all moving out of the same space.

His sister had told me we could have their own iron, so as I was leaving with boxes on a trip to the new place I found the iron sitting in the middle of the floor. I figured it must have been left out for me and brought it to our new place.

The iron sat in the closest until the boy and I were getting ready for a wedding. He had a new shirt that needed to be ironed, and excitingly I went to the closest to get our iron for its inaugural use. Except... it wasn't actually an iron!

Instead I headed him the handle to his sister's hand mixer. While the look the same from the top if you turn them over you'll notice a clear difference. An iron is flat and metal whereas a mixer has whole for a mixer blade. Not quite the same. The boy loves telling this story and adding in a killer line about how this shows I can't do laundry or cook. But the story does have a happy ending because his sister has her mixer back, and now in our house we have both a mixer and an iron which hopefully will never be confused in our house again!

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