Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch My Garden Grow

About two months ago when my parent were out here visiting my mom helped me plant a garden. My original plan was to take post every week or so, and show you all the progress. But as you've seen two months have gone by and I haven't managed a post. I did at least remember to take pictures so you can at least see what's been happening the past two months.

April 11
My Garden
In the front row from the left there's parsley, a pepper plant, and thyme. The second row is a tomato plant, rosemarry in the pot, and a second tomato plant. In the back is basil, a different pepper plant, and oregano.

April 25
I realize it's hard to see with all the green, but the main difference here is with the tomato plants.

May 8
My Garden
If you look closely you can see some tomatoes growing on the left.

May 15
Herb Garden
This was taken from the opposite side, so the oregano, pepper plant, and basil are in front.

May 23
This was taken this past weekend. And do you see what I see front and center? Here's a close-up.
It's a gigantic pepper. I don't really remember, but I believe this is a Serrano pepper plant. Which would mean its supposed to change colors when it's ripe. A little crazy since it's practically the size of the plant itself.
Four Tomatoes
And there's 4 tomatoes on this plant, and 2 more the other one. I am at least smart enough to realize that these needs to be red before they're ripe.

Anyone else have a garden growing in your backyard? Or any ideas or advice for what else I should try planting (probably next year). Or any idea what type of pepper I have growing in my yard?



  1. I have no tips, just kudos! your garden is looking great and seems like you'll have some tomatoes to eat soon! just in time for summer salads. I'm sure I would have killed a garden by now, so nice work! :)

  2. Look at you! I am growing a little garden too- some cubanelle peppers, basil, parsley, and cucumbers. :)

  3. I live in a condo so having a garden isn't an option. :( I thought about getting a tomato plant but I never got around to it! My parents had a huge garden when I was growing up so I miss having access to fresh produce (and hate how expensive it is!).

    I think Serrano peppers are really small, so maybe that pepper is a Poblano?

  4. That's so awesome!! I'm totally jealous of your green thumb!

  5. Very cool! I think I am going to try planting some stuff on my patio this summer, I don't have room for a garden right now but hopefully one day!