Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Day at the Movies

It's been a few months since we took the boy's niece to the movies for the first time. But since we were planning on seeing Shrek Forever After this weekend we figured it would be a great time to try again. (Review to come tomorrow!) Plus since she isn't 3 till August it's free for her to go I was a little worried since the movie's rated PG, but I figured anything too crazy would probably go over her head.

This time we made sure to have some refreshments. We split a small popcorn, and she had a few sips of my lemon-lime flavored "juice."
Uncle Beau and Sadie
I think being that she's a few months older now she did a lot better this time. There was only one bathroom break, which of course came during the climatic battle at the end. But I was still able to figure things out. And she still got to see the happy ending.

We did see the movie in 3-D, and we weren't sure how that would go over. At first she didn't want to wear the glasses, but about 20 minutes in she decided to try them on. I think she was a little shocked that wearing the glasses made a difference. She kept putting them on and taking them off, I guess just to change things up.

After the movie ended we took her back to our house. The boy's sister came by and dropped of the boy's nephew for an hour or so so she could go to an child-free dinner with friends.
Braylon eating a duck
I think overall it was a fun afternoon and early evening. There was imaginary food to bake, books to read, and cars for his nephew to chew on. And as soon as the two of them left the boy pretty much passed out on the couch for the rest of the night.



  1. I want to take my boys to see that movie but I think I will wait for a little while so it won't be so packed. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't see going to a school that big with that many people in one class. I think we had maybe 100 people in our class and that seemed like alot for my school. My son goes to a school that his first grade class has only 4 kids and that includes him. The whole school Pre-k thru 6 is only about 30 kids.

  2. That's so sweet that you took her to another movie. I bet she felt so special! I took my nephew to a movie over Christmas break and was surprised by how well he did. We went to the 2nd Chipmunks movie. He made it through the whole movie without needing a bathroom break! I was so impressed! He sort of half stood during the whole movie, though!!