Thursday, May 27, 2010

Show Us Your... Favorite Things

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
This weeks's edition of Kelly's Korner's Show Us Your Life is Favorite Things or Things That Make You Happy.

To start with there's a few things I can only have when I'm back in California.
In-N-Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger with fries
I always get my burger dry, and tend to alternate between drinking their pink lemonade or a vanilla shake.

Rubio's Fish Tacos
Another restaurant that I think needs to move out of California and go nationwide. Or at least expend to Louisiana.

Luckily there's a few favorites I can get almost anywhere around the country.
I want you to know that I specifically went out and box a box of Zours so I could share this picture. See what sacrifices I take for my readers?

Angelfood Smoothies at Smoothie King
Angelfood Smoothie from Smoothie King
Again this is me making a sacrifice.

Thankfully I do have a few favorites that aren't edible.
Matching Victoria Secret Pajamas
Victorias Secret PJs

My Library
Chair and Bookshelves

Coach Purses
New Coach purseMy new Coach Bag!
What are a few of your favorite things? Maybe raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens?



  1. I want a library in my house someday! Someday... I will have it! :)

  2. I'm jealous of your library! I have the tiniest book shelf EVER!!

    Also love that most of your favourites were food ;)

  3. We don't have In-and-Out burgers before, though I've seen them when visiting the states... Never tried them though.

  4. Oh yes...In and Out Burger is awesome and I think they are finally coming to Dallas! Yeah! And purses-I want a new purse sooooo bad!!!

  5. Zours remind me of Gobstoppers which are my favorite candy!
    I hear In-and-Out burgers run in... and out. Is this true?

  6. While living in San Diego we discovered Rubios! I love fish tacos!
    What a terrific list. You and your family have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

  7. Love Angel Food from Smoothie King. And you are right. Those restaurants do need to move to the east. I have always thought it was funny though that Carl's Jr is Hardees here. Thanks for the comment :)

  8. Oh my gosh... In-Out Burger is the BEST! I miss it and I've never lived in CA; I bet you really miss it.

  9. Ive never had In-and-Out Burger but have heard its the best! I LOVE Zours!! :)

  10. In and Out burger....SO GOOD! I would move to California for just that!

    Love Coach bags!

  11. Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I always enjoying finding new blogs and I've really enjoyed reading yours. I love your library. I have so many books but no bookshelves and no place to store them! It drives me crazy. I hope to have a cute reading spot like yours one day.