Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diverg-Words (or Bad-gent?)

I'm a week late, but I've finally seen the movie. And yes, I loved it. I'm not saying the movie was perfect, but overall I was still very happy with it.

First for the bad, I wasn't a huge fan of some of the changes. I didn't like how Tris learned her mother's faction. I didn't think the final fight scene needed have the extra bits with Jeanine. And I was disappointed that Ed's scene was the butter knife wasn't there.

Overall I also think a lot of the violence was toned down. I remember reading the book and being horrified during parts but that didn't happen with the movie. Of course it could be that I knew what was coming, but I think they still could have done more with it.

But what I loved were Tris and Four. I thought they were perfect for the roles and that they had great chemistry together. Every time they talked I got excited, and their big kiss scene was definitely epic.

Of course, I couldn't help but get a little excited every time I saw Caleb onscreen, even if it was only because I saw him as Agustus Waters. Seriously as much as I was looking forward to Divergent, I'm even more excited about The Fault in Our Stars.

Bad Words
In case you couldn't guess, this was the boy's picked. It's so over the top and awful, but I mean that in a good way.

The little boy that played Chaitanya Chopra, was absolutely adorable, and probably the high point of the movie.

Now this is a movie where you need to know you're going in for a lot of "bad words" but as long as you're up for it, it's pretty hysterical at times. Not necessarily a movie I want to watch again, but definitely good for a laugh.


  1. I thought Divergent was ok (didn't read the books) and the best part was definitely Tris and Four.
    I can see trying Bad Words someday, unless, like you, my guy makes it his pick at the theater. Jason Bateman usually makes me laugh.

  2. I want to see both of these. I'm going to see Divergent on Monday. Probably wait to see Bad Words when it's streaming. I like Jason Bateman but I don't think we'll make it to the theatre to see it.

  3. I also thought the movie was quite good! I didn't love the book as much as Hunger Games & similarly didn't love the movie as much. I totally agree with all of your 'bad' points but yeah, it could have been worse.
    It's funny because my fiance was the one that was put off by the ending. He was like, "That wasn't an ending, wtf is this?!" and I tried to explain that the trilogy is really one long book split in to three parts and the next movie will pick up right away. He still wasn't impressed LOL

    OMG I also saw the trailer for Fault in our Stars while waiting for Divergent to start and thought it was so weird! haha I haven't read that book yet...it'll require too many tissues :(


    thats all

    never heard of bad words.

  5. Finally someone agrees with me on Divergent! Honestly, I was kinda disappointed.

  6. I agree with your review of Divergent. I was glad the book wasn't fresh in my mind or I likely would have been even more disappointed with it. As it was, I thought it was pretty good.