Thursday, February 4, 2016

#LoveBlog: Valentine's Day Traditions

I remember the first Valentine's Day I celebrated with the boy. I asked him what plans he made and when he told me, "nothing," I assumed that meant I was in for a great surprise. He must had made reservations at some new restaurant. Or had something crazy and exciting for us to do.
Cup of Coffee
The Boy's Present to Me Our First Valentine's Day, 2007
The day finally arrived, and the boy had planned... nothing. He was telling the truth the whole time! I was a little disappointed at first, and a little in disbelief, but despite that we still wound up having a great time.
Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day 2008
We exchanged presents in my apartment. I can't remember what I bought the boy, but he bought me a coffee cup (that I still use today!) and chocolate covered cherries.
Beau and Me
A Valentine's Day Wedding, 2009
We went to dinner. (I'm not completely sure where, but maybe Macaroni Grill?) We stopped at the bookstore, before going to the movies to see Music & Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. (A movie I still love and have all the songs memorized.)
Ready to go out
Valentine's Day 2010
Since then, that's pretty much been our Valentine's Day standard. A dinner and a movie, and if we're lucky we'll make it to the bookstore. It's low key, and it's perfect for us.
On the Couch
Valentine's Day 2011
As for our plans this year? Surprise, surprise... we don't have any! But we'll likely let Elley spend the day with her grandparents and make our way out for dinner and a movie.
Valentine's Sushi
Valentine's Day Sushi, 2013
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  1. I asked my boyfriend last night (for the 5th time) what he wants to do....nothing it seems, oy men!

  2. Good to learn early on that when he says "nothing" that's precisely what he means! :) Glad you guys have a lot of fun with your low-key plans!

  3. We had fun ways to celebrate Valentine's Day until the kids came along. There was always something a little special and meaningful to us.

    Now our tradition is to have McDonald's for supper in a whole anti-Valentine's Day laugh. It's hard to be forced to celebrate your love on one specific day of the year, rather than enjoying other moments throughout the year.

  4. I feel like the boy and Phil are VERY similar. We are not big into celebrating Valentine's Day. I like the holiday as I like that there is one day devoted to telling others that you love them (although I know that should happen every day). Phil doesn't like the holiday because he thinks it's a commercial holiday. But we still 'celebrate' - usually by making dinner together and maybe playing a board game. This year it's on a Sunday and then we have the following day as it's President's Day so that is nice! Last year we were in Santa Barbara for Vday and we had the best time! We went to a winery, went for a long walk on the beach and grilled our dinner on the patio of the apartment we stayed in.

  5. I love low-key Valentine's Days. I really don't care for all the hype and pressure put on the holiday!

  6. Low-key Valentine's celebrations work for me! Last year Dan & I were long-distance for about six weeks when he moved to Georgia first. He flew back to Ohio for Valentine's Day, not so much for the holiday, but because it was the halfway point during my trip to Georgia and me moving to Georgia. We spent most of the day playing board games with friends!

  7. I am so impressed to read about this post on Valentine's Day Traditions. Your Valentine’s Day party looks absolutely wonderful. You guys had so much fun!! We also attended a rocking party at one of local party venues in Los Angeles and really enjoyed there!