Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Last Christmas

Let's take a trip back in time and so I can finally share photos from our Christmas celebration! The boy and I had initially talked about going to see the bonfires on Christmas Eve. But there was talk of rain, and both the boy and Elley were getting over colds so we opted for a lazy night at home.
Since I never shared any of our decorations this year, these are our stockings. Also you can just barely see that I traded out some of our pictures for last year's holiday photos.
We don't normally exchange any presents on Christmas Eve, but this year it was pretty much a necessity. Our standard tradition is to watch Love Actually on Christmas Eve, but after 10 years of use my dvd wasn't in the best condition and skipped the whole time we watched it the year prior. Which is why it was such a perfect idea by the boy gifting me a copy of Love Actually on blu-ray.
Not only is it our Christmas Eve tradition but it's my first present of the holiday since my first copy is over 10 years old now and all scratched up.
While we watched the movie, I wrapped the last of Elley's presents so everything was ready for her the following morning.
Ready for Christmas!
By the time Christmas m orning arrived, both with Hanukkah and her birthday, Elley was a gift opening pro. Although with so many presents and the giant bag of blocks she definitely got a little distracted and went from present to present at first.
Christmas Morning
Eventually though she made it through, although there wasn't a ton of time to hang with all her new toys since we were headed over to Elley's grandparents' house for, wait for it... even more presents.
She was a little less sure about the present opening this time though. I think the number of people and the crazy amount of presents overwhelmed her a bit, but she still had a great time.
Unsure About all this Craziness
Of course this post wouldn't be complete without a family photo, so here are me and Elley in front of the Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas
For a crazy fun comparison, here we are just one year prior.
Merry Christmas
She looks a little different then, right?


  1. I love watching Love Actually at Christmas. It's a great tradition!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful holiday! I love your tradition of watching Love Actually! I did not watch any Christmas movies in December as the month just flew by and felt so jam-packed.

    I can see how she would be overwhelmed by all the eyes staring at her and the pile of presents! She sure is a cutie, though, and it looks like she got spoiled!

  3. Present opening can be so overwhelming -- that's why it's nice to spread it out a bit.