Monday, November 23, 2015

One Couple's Journey from Embryo Mix-Up to Miracle Baby

Misconception by Paul and Shannon Morell with Angela Hunt
: May 4, 2010 by Howard Books
Earlier this year I read Inconceivable a book about a couple, the Savages, whose fertility doctor mistakenly implanted them with another couple's baby. I loved that book and since then I've been looking forward to reading the other side of the story. This book about the other couple, the one who instead kept the baby after the first gave birth.

I was obviously a bit biased about the Morell's since I read the Savage's book first. They didn't come off in the best light, but I figured reading the story from their words I'd understand them a bit better. Even so, I still didn't fall in love with the Morell's the way I did with the Savages.

I think part of it is due to the private nature of the Morells. Through the whole book there's a constant feel that they are getting dragged into a media circus of no wish of their own. I get the feeling that they didn't necessarily want to write this book either, but since the Savages were writing a book felt they needed to as well. It's almost like you're reading about them at an arms length and never really get to know the Morell's or the rest of their family.

From the title the book is written by both Paul and Shannon, but that wasn't really the case. Instead the majority of the book is from Shannon's point of view, and there's a few quotes from Paul throughout. As little as I felt like I knew Shannon by the end, it was like a friendly acquaintance compared to a complete stranger with Paul.

This book tells about such a heartbreaking situation, and I'm impressed that the Morells were willing to relive it and tell their story. I think it's a bit inspiring reading memoirs from others who were dealt with such unimaginable circumstances. While I may not have loved reading the Morell's book, I still think their story is amazing and I'm grateful they offered this little look into their lives.


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  1. Our library has both books so I really want to read them.