Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Going Back to Cali: Days 5 and 6

After we booked our trip out to California we learned that the timing was perfect, because coincidentally we were there for my great-great-aunt's 100th birthday. It isn't something we would have normally flew out for, but since we were already there we wound up going.
My great-great aunt on the bottom right, her niece (my grandmother), her daughter (my aunt), her niece (me), and my daughter (Elley)
There was a big group of us (around 50 or so), but I guess that's how much a family grows in 5 generations since everyone invited was either a descendant of her or one of her 5 siblings. Elley was really good meeting lots of new faces, although we left pretty much as soon as we finished eating so she was able to take a nap. There was just a little too much going on in the restaurant for her to be able to close her eyes and risk missing anything.
photo 33
For our 6th day in California we finally made it to the beach so Elley could dip her toes in the Pacific Ocean. The water was a little cold, and the ocean wasn't nearly as exciting as a pool, but even so, she had a blast.
photo 34
After we dried off we then did another California necessity and let Elley try her first ever fry from In-N-Out.
In-N-Out Trip
Overall it was a busy day, full of summer love, one that made for one tired baby.
photo 37

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  1. That is so exciting you could celebrate your great-great-aunt's 100th birthday. When my grandma turned 100 all her friends said how exciting it was to see each other at a celebration as opposed to at a funeral. It was a very sobering thought for me.