Thursday, September 24, 2015

9 Months Update

You are 9 months old!
9 Months
We had an official doctor visit this month, so we even have stats. You are 27.17 inches (33th%ile). You weigh 15 lbs 6.5 ozs (5th%ile). Your head circumference is 43 cms (20th%ile).
My Lunch Date
August 14
You're wearing a mix of 9 month and 6 month clothing. You're still in size 3 diapers and wear your bumgenuises with one row unsnapped at the legs and 2 rows unsnapped at the waist.
August 16
You're eating real people food now with gumbo, pesto couscous, truffle macaroni and cheese, spinach and ground beef skillet with artichokes and mushrooms, graham crackers, cheese, and Cherios among others I'm sure I'm forgetting all part of your diet. But your favorite still seems to be hummus.
photo 5
August 20
You're definitely on the move! You have no problem walking along with couch and coffee table. And you'll even walk around the living room if we hold your hands. But if there's somewhere you really want to get you'll crawl your way there. We even had to put a baby gate up to keep you in the living room and away from the kitchen trash can.
Geaux Tigers
September 5
You've been a fan of your hippo ever since we sleep trained you with it, but lately you've started getting attached to your moose, which your Nanna and Pappi brought you back from Alaska as well. (Plus since the moose is a little tinier it's easier to bring around with us.)
photo 29
Taking Out Toys, September 7
Besides your hippo and moose you're a fan of being on the move, your daddy, and all those things you aren't supposed to have, aka remotes, cell phone, and the dvr. You aren't a huge fan of diaper changes, at least not when I'm the one changing you, or when people walk out of the room you're in.
Another 9 Months photo since I couldn't choose just one
You really are such a amazing little baby, and we feel so, so lucky to have you in our lives!
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  1. Aw she looks like such a happy baby! She is such a peanut but so so cute! Sounds like she will be long and lean like her parents!

  2. Oh wow, look at her on the move! She is the cutest!

  3. Oh yes -- the garbage is my best friend era. Enjoy!

    Seriously though, she is adorable. I love how smile-ly she is, although I'm sure you don't take as many pictures when she's freaking out.

  4. love that bright yellow headband!