Thursday, August 7, 2014

22 Weeks Bumpdate

22 Weeks
How Far Along: 22 Weeks.

Size of the Baby: A spaghetti squash

Maternity Clothes: I can't remember the last time I wore a pair I pants that wasn't maternity.

Nursery: Still at the same status quo here.

Stretch Marks: Thankfully still none. Hopefully this is a sign that they may not happen!

Sleep: I haven't really been sleepy per se, but things have been so crazy busy lately that I'm starting to get a bit mentally exhausted.

Movement: I'm still feeling those flutters, but nothing too definite really.

Cravings: Still not really any, although it has been a while since we've made it to Which Wich.

Symptoms: Thankfully none really. Overall it's been pretty smooth sailing.

What I Miss: Again, I'm not really sure there's things I miss. Yes, a Starbucks latte would be nice, but I don't really feel like I need one either.

Looking Forward To: Really just Fall to get here and the football season to start. It's a little crazy to think this is my last football season without a baby, and next year I'll have a tiny person to be able to dress up in purple and gold.
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  1. So glad you're feeling good! Look great!

  2. Yay for no stretch marks! I was so glad I never got any. You look adorable!

  3. You look great! And you're over half way there! YAY!

  4. I will echo what others have said and say that you look great!