Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Let the World Be Your Oyster

Every since I've been living in Louisiana I've been hearing about Acme Oyster House. But I've yet to actually visit. At least till a few weeks ago when we finally went there for dinner.

I'm not quite sure what I was expecting with it, maybe something completely unique and original, but unfortunately it didn't quite live up to that. Don't get me wrong it still was good, but similar to a lot of other local Louisiana restaurants.
Fried Oyster PoBoy
Although I did go with one of my standard go-to options, an oyster po-boy, along with a side salad. Maybe if I had branched out a little more I would have been happier. Although I did have a slice of their chocolate caramel pie, which was so delicious it disappeared before I could take a picture.

Funny enough after not going to Acme for years, a week later I was there with a large group of friends. This time I went with their shrimp and corn bisque and a again with a side salad was good, but not necessarily out of this world. Although since I was there with such a large group, I did get to try quite a few bites of others' dishes from shrimp etoufee to chargrilled oyters to onion rings to their root beer float.

Although I think I found my favorite out of them all when sampling their crab cake, and now think that the next time I'm there, crab cakes are what I may need to go with.

When was the last time you finally went to a restaurants after years of waiting where it didn't quite live up to expectations?


  1. Acme is on our list of restaurants since it was featured on Man vs Food. I want a huge plate of their oysters.

    1. I had no idea they were on Man Vs. Food. Although since it is a pretty big name restaurant here I'm not too surprised.

  2. Brennan's in New Orleans. While it was a good brunch, my omelet certainly was not worth $20.

  3. Acme is a chain of super markets up here - looks delicious!