Monday, November 18, 2013

Do You Know What Time It Is?

About Time
When I told the boy I wanted to see this movie, his response was that we had already seen it. And while yes, there were a lot of similarities to The Time Traveler's Wife, made even more apparent by Rachael McAdams being in both, they aren't quite the same. But if you had to compare them, About Time is the one I'd rather see, and knowing how I feel about the book, is what I wish that had been able to achieve with the other.

They keep marketing this as a movie made by Love Actually, which is both one of mine and the boy's favorites. And while it is nowhere near as good, it does feel similar. It has those moments where the two of us couldn't help but laugh together, and also those where I fond myself in tears.

We both wound up enjoying this more than expected. I can't quite get the boy to say he enjoyed it, but he did at least admit it was better than "the other version." It doesn't seem to be doing to well in theaters, so I'd say if you have any desire to see this in theaters, make a point to do so while you still have the chance.


  1. I've never heard of this movie (or the book). I need to get out more. I enjoyed the Time Traveler's Wife book. I will look into it.

    1. The movie hasn't gotten a ton of press, but it has at least been playing nationwide. And what I was trying to say, but obviously wasn't clear on, was how the movie version of The Time Traveler's Wife basically failed at adapting the book. And this movie, About Time, is what I wish it could have been. As for as I know, About Time isn't a book, but if it was, I'd definitely read it!

  2. I may wait for the DVD - it looks sweet, but not sure who I can get to go with me!

  3. I'm hoping to do a double feature of this and Catching Fire this weekend!

  4. I'm on the fence about this one. If one of my female friends wanted to see it, I'd go. This is not a move Tai would see ever.

  5. This sounds like a move I'd like to see. I'll have to see if it's playing next time Dave and I have a date time!