Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Downgrade at the Mouse House

If you remember from our invitation reveal I mailed off a post to Minnie & Mickey, as well as a few other VIPs. I had a pretty good idea what to expect back after seeing the exact

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same thing

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from blogger

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to blogger.

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Except this is what I received in the mail.
The Front
& Back
Not quite the same right? I mean besides running our address through a printer they didn't either bother to customize it. I realize I shouldn't be complaining over something like this but still, why did I get the downgrade?

I know I sent my invitations after the 6 months they recommend. But I would have rather gotten the signed photo (& button!) even if it meant getting it a few weeks after the wedding. I wonder if I'm just the unlucky one here, or so many brides have caught on and started mailing Disney their invitations, that they decide to downgrade their response.

If anyone else sent a celebrity invite, what type of response did you get? And any other reasonable suggestions on why this is what I got in return?


  1. Wow. That sucks. I got the picture not a postcard. I wonder if they've stopped sending out the picture.

  2. I heard that they stopped sending the picture to everyone...probably because a lot of people found out about the addresses and it got too expensive/not business-smart to do it. But hey, the postcard is better than nothing: I'll still be sending ours in :D

  3. How crazy! I am curious if people who do this after you will get the postcard. I'm wondering if like the above commenter said, it's b/c too many are sending theirs in now?!

  4. I got the post card like you did. It also took forever to get, and I thought we weren't going to get anything at all. Ha Caroline and Elizabeth flipped over it, so I wasn't too disappointed.

  5. I sent an invitation to the White House and actually got a card from George and Laura Bush! It was signed and everything- I displayed it at our wedding reception as it came in right before and got tons of compliments on it.

    (BTW, I got married in 2002, so GWB was still semi-popular at the time!) LOL

  6. I'm thinking that they've stopped sending out the photo and button.