Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Cow Says Moo

Look what arrived in the mail!
In case you aren't obsessed and don't recognize these are on sight, they're my mini moo cards! In other words they're mini cards (about half the size of a normal business card), that I ordered from moo.
Size Comparison
This is to give you an idea of the size, in comparison to my hand. And maybe a sly way of sneaking in another ring shot. The box is technically upside down here, but it's the only shot I have where you can see a size comparison. Although this is what the box is actually supposed to look like.
Moo Cards
Except I'm halfway through this post without actually telling you why I needed to order these cards. Now, needed may not be the best word here. But I've wanted my own set of moo cards since I heard of them back in 2006. I've just never had a good use for them, at least until now.
Photo Sharing Instructions
I created a flickr account for the wedding, where our guests could upload their photos and thus easily share with us the high resolution versions of their photos. Now only can they upload them online, but if take photos on their phone, they can just e-mail them in. In case you can't read the text off the photo, or you want to easily copy & paste it for your own use, the wording I found and used is...
A picture is word a thousand words,
so share yours with us!

1. Visit to log in to our account & upload.
ID: xxx Password: xxx
2. Or e-mail to
3. Visit to view all
(Of course typing this now I'm thinking I should have used "login to" or "log into" but there's not a lot I can change at this point.) By now you might at least understand what they're for, but you haven't seen my favorite part. On the back of each card are photos. I could have done as many as I wanted, but decided to stick with 5 versions.
I'm not completely sure how I'll be distributing these cards, but I'm thinking of attaching them to the programs unless I come up with a better idea. Although with them being as cute as they are, in my opinion at least, I think everyone will be dying to have them.

Did you try to collect your guests' photos after your wedding (or any other big event)? And if so, how did you go about doing it.

As an fyi, this in NOT a sponsored post. Moo has no idea who I am, but if they want to start a corporate sponsorship or something, I'd be more than happy to hear them out!


  1. Those are the most awesome thing I have ever seen! Such a great idea! And I think that people will be dying to get their hands on them.

  2. Great idea and they're super cute!!!

  3. That's an AWESOME idea! We mostly collected ours through Facebook!

  4. That's a fantastic idea. I'm the MOH in my best friends wedding and we were just talking about how to take care of this. Wonderful! I can't wait to share this idea with her. I will give you credit, of course :)

  5. What an awesome idea! Flickr had barely been invented when Kyle and I got married but I wish we'd thought of using something like this! Fortunately, we had some photographer friends at the wedding who were super great about putting stuff up on Facebook and we gradually collected that way.

  6. Aww, these are so cute: I don't have a reason for Minimoos yet but I kind of want to find an excuse to feed them into my wedding ;) I'm sure our friends and family will just upload any pictures to facebook, as they are prone to do, but the cards are a great idea too!

  7. What a clever idea! I have moo cards but I never thought of using them like this. Smart girl! I think it would be smart to have them at the reception and at the ceremony. Since their so small they might get lost in transition to the reception area. Maybe you can place a few on the tables too.