Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Officiant Down

As in crossed off the list, not actually injured, because we've officially meet with our rabbi! To be honest I was extremely nervous going into the meeting. Not for any reason specifically, but because I get nervous going into any situation where I don't know 100% what to expect. Sometimes I think I probably have some type of mild social anxiety, but at least I'm able to push through it and things are never really as socially awkward as I make them out to be.

But to the actual meeting, it went really smoothly. I was a little worried, with reason this time, that the rabbi might have an issue with the boy being Catholic. Especially since there are really only 2 temples in Baton Rouge, and if the less religious one had an issue with it, than the more religious one probably would as well. Except I'm guessing considering the size of the Jewish population (especially versus the Catholic one) in the B.R. it's probably something that's come up before.

So with that a non-issue the rabbi penciled us in on his calendar, asked us a few standards questions, and that was it. He basically told us that we'd be in touch as we go closer to the date since at this point we're still about 9 months out.

But really such an easy meeting and really nothing to stress over. It's funny because it's something my mom kept bringing up as, "Make sure this gets done, because it may be hard to find a rabbi to marry you," and knowing how simple it was I really wish she could have been here to see.

Leaving the meeting we did have the chance to stop at the temple's store to pick up a new box of Hanukkah candles. Turns out leaving wax candles in an un-air-conditioned attic during a Louisiana summer will destroy them. But they would have melted anyways, right? Even so here's a picture of my favorite box of candles that I was hoping to have last...
Candles and Gelt
Any one know what I can find a box of these candles? And did your first meeting with your officiant go smoother than expected?


  1. Have you tried Hallmark, Bed Bath & beyond or World Market? I've seen candles like that at all three. I actually have a menorah and sometimes will light it, etc. to teach my niece about it. Now that I have a baby, i can teach the little guy about it, too, when he's older!

    Congrats on getting a rabbi! Are y'all going to also get it blessed by a priest?


    Hope this works for you! Those are really pretty candles too!

  3. Bummer about your candles melting!! That is kind of crazy, but it doesn't really get that hot here, I don't think!! I am glad the meeting went well. I think it's nerve wracking when the person could potentially say they won't marry you... I am glad all went well, though! phew!

  4. Our officiants were our friends so it was super easy.
    I'm really glad the meeting with the rabbi went well!

  5. I'm glad it went smoothly! I have the same type of anxiety! Nervous today to go to training just b/c i didn't know anyone & didn't know what to expect. Nervous about work this week for the same reason. SO NERVOUS to go meet my blog friend in PA! Haha! But yeah - they usually end up a lot less awkward/horrible than i think they'll be!

  6. Congrats on securing a rabbi!
    Glad it was a quick and painless process since I've heard some terrible stories where people get turned down or offered conversion as the only option.

  7. I need to line up some meetings with officiants when we are down on the coast in the spring. I originally wanted to have a friend or family member ordained to marry us since we aren't having a religious ceremony but Eric wasn't a huge fan of that plan and it's also apparently not legal in BC!!

  8. That's great that finding a rabbi went really smoothly!