Thursday, December 29, 2011

Disney World Vacation: Day 5

For our 5th day on the trip we headed back to the parks, this time to Animal Kingdom.
At Disney's Animal Kingdom
We started the day off with a Kilimanjaro Safari seeing hippos,
and rhinos, as well as a bunch of other different animals.
With Rhinos
From here I'll once again take the shortcut and list out the rides and shows that we managed to fit in.

It's Tough to be a Bug
Festival of the Lion King
Scared of the Dino
Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Mountain
Finding Nemo-The Musical
And of course, stopped to meet Pocahontas and Meeko.
By this time (around 2 or 3 I think) we had been on most of the rides we wanted to ride, so we headed back to the Magic Kingdom to meet Cinderella,
With Cinderella
Talking to Beauty
and Sleeping Beauty again.
With Aurora
The plan was then to ride a few of the Fantasyland rides we missed, except the lines were all SO much longer than when we had been there before we only managed Snow White's Scary Adventures. But we did manage to catch a show at the castle on the way out of the park.
Watching the Show
But we still weren't finished then, because that night back at our hotel we had reservations at Luau Cove for dinner and a luau.
Learning to Hula
For our first course they served us pineapple-coconut bread, pineapple, and a salad with a believe a mango dressing.
Pineapple-Concut Bread, Salad with Mango Dressing
The main course was bbq ribs, rice, mixed vegetables, & bbq chicken.
Ribs, Rice, Veggies, & Chicken
And the night ended with a chocolate mousse volcano, with raspberry lava, and a pineapple sauce.
Chocolate Volcano Mousse
Did I mention it was all you can eat and drink? Let's just say no one went to bed with an empty stomach that night. I'll be back tomorrow with our very last day.

If you've ever been on a Disney World vacation did you only go to one park each day, or did you wind up hopping between multiple parks on a day?


  1. I love all the pictures! I can see a resemblance between the boy & his niece! So cute! And the food looks & sounds amazing!

  2. When my family went to Disney World, we did one day at the Magic Kingdom, one day at Disney-MGM Studios, one day at Epcot, and on the final day we did Animal Kingdom until it got unbearably hot, then revisited our favorite Epcot and MGM attractions (Lord of the Dance and the Indiana Jones stunt show) until it was time to leave.

  3. Great photos! When I went to Disneyland with my family in 2006 we tried to hit up all the different parks - one each day - and it was EXHAUSTING. In 6 days we did the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Knotsberry Farm, Universal, Disneyland and California Adventure Park.

    When Eric and I were in Orlando in November we stuck to Islands of Adventure and Universal over the two days we were there and it gave us more time to enjoy each park rather than rush through. I enjoy theme parks a lot but also find them tiring!

  4. I love these posts! I think we will do the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Its just a quick trip as we are tagging along with my husband who is down there for work!