Thursday, September 10, 2009

Not Quite a Junkie

Most of my friends will tell you I am quite the reality TV junkie. After all looking at my sidebar this will be my 30th post on reality tv. I wouldn't necessarily say I have a specific genre of reality tv I more, but more of all reality in general.

Let's see, just this summer I've been watching a lot of the shows on TLC (Jon & Kate Plus 8, 18 Kids & Counting, Toddlers & Tiaras). There's been several on Bravo (Top Chef, Real Housewives). I watched some dating shows like The Bachelorette. I watched 16 and Pregnant on MTV. And then come the fall I'll be watching Survivor and Amazing Race. That's a lot of shows, but clearly not all of them.

Then last night when I was on Facebook, I saw a wall posting between two of my friends. It turns out one of the girls I knew when I was younger was on a reality tv show this summer and she was sending her a Congrats! She was on a show I thought I should have been watching, but never took the time to turn it on! Of course now, the shows over so I can't even watch the episodes to see if she's anything like what I remember. Or if the producers might have changed her into someone completely different.

I'm sure if I really wanted to I could find the episode online. But more than that, I'm a little disappointed with myself. I should have been watching at the start of the season and then been able to get excited, "Hey I know that girl!" O well, I'm sure someday I'll recognize someone else on know in real life on a reality tv show. I guess that means I'm not the reality TV junkie that I thought I was.

Anyone else think they're maybe a little too addicted to reality tv? Or maybe you've seen someone you know on a show you were watching? Or even more exciting, have you ever been on a reality tv show? Tell me all about it, and let me live vicariously through you!



  1. I watch entirely too much reality TV ... but certain things I just get hooked on!! And Jon & Kate + 8? The whole thing turned into such a mess this summer but I COULDN'T STOP WATCHING.

  2. I'm a reality tv junkie, too. I love Top Chef. That is prob one of my faves. Also love Project Runway.

    I am going to attempt to NOT watch The Bachelorette. I just feel like they do more & more editing each season and I am kind of fed of up with it. But my best friend loves it & she is probably going to suck me into the season when it comes back on because she will talk about it so much!!

  3. I think I watch wayyyy too much reality tv...but oh well. I love it!

  4. I wouldn't say I'm a reality show junkie - I only really watch Big Brother and then shows on TLC. That would be so random and cool to see someone you know on a reality TV show one day though!

  5. I still like reality TV, but not as much as I used to. I've kind of fallen out with Survivor, Big Brother, and Amazing Race.... they are just the same thing over and over - season to season - to me. But I do like Jon and Kate plus 8. (I'm totally Team Kate).

    But I do know somebody on TV. Not well, but I went to junior high and high school with him. You know Blake - the "chief shoe-giver" for Tom's shoes?? He actually got his "start" on the Amazing Race's 2nd season, when he was on with his sister (who my sister went to school and played soccer with). He's a nice guy, but since I don't know him really now, I can't really compare to how he used to be. It's just funny everytime I see that American Express commercial, though.