Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm Melting

There's one vending machine at my apartment complex. I try not to visit it that often, except I have one of the biggest sweet tooth's possible so its hard to completely stay away. They had the machine in the mail room, which isn't air conditioned. After all, its not like you need your mail to stay cold. Except that the vending machine isn't air conditioned either. Not that big of a deal you'd think. Maybe so, but this is Louisiana.Growing up in Southern California we never had air conditioning, but I think it be hard to find an apartment or house in Louisiana that doesn't have air conditioning.

But back to my candy. There's not normally the best selection in these machines, so most times I've gone with a Twix bar. Yes, there's chocolate, but its has a cookie base, so how bad could it be, right? The funny part is the chocolate isn't normally melted that bad. Instead all the caramel has melted out of the bar and on to the packaging.

There's something else. Growing up I always said "car-mel," except in Louisiana people say "care-a-mel." I've actually tried to order a "Car-mel" Frappuccino at Starbucks and had the barista say back to me, "Do you mean you want a "Care-a-mal" Frappuccino?"

Again, back to my candy. Since it slowly getting cooler I'm hoping my candy bar will actually stay whole and not melt before I eat them. But I guess I shouldn't complain, after all once we're no longer living here and at an actual house there won't be a vending machine so easily accessible.

Anyone else have a few vending machine fiascoes? Also, do you say "care-a-mel" or "carmel" or something else entirely?



  1. I say care-a-mel :-)
    It's all the same though!
    I've got a HUGE sweet tooth but I'm trying to control it and workout more. It got of hand there for awhile!

  2. The only "apartment" I've lived in with a vending machine was the college dorms - and that was in northern Alberta so there was no melting problems there! Haha

    I say car-a-mel! I had to say it out loud a few times to figure that out! Haha

  3. I actually say both! Just depends on my mood I guess... I have lived a lot of different places so I'm used to the different way people say things! When I lived in South Carolina I got made fun of BAD for calling soda ... pop. LOL!

  4. I definitely say carmel. I can't imagine saying care-a-mel. I would feel like I was being all hoity-toity. not sure why.

  5. ha! I'm from Louisiana, so I'm sure you can figured out how I pronounce it. ;) LOL care-a-mel

  6. I know I've been guilty of saying both but usually I try to just say car-mel.

  7. I know I've been guilty of saying both but usually I try to just say car-mel.

  8. Every now and then I hit the vending machines in hotels. It's not a good habit. I've never lived in an apartment with a snack vending machine... fun.