Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Flavors of Runts Past.

This morning when I went into the kitchen a work to get a cup of coffee I noticed they had restocked the vending machine. I had no know if they added anything exciting, and was met with a yummy surprise. They had one of my favorite candies, Chewy Runts. Not only that, there were no flavors in the bag. Which meant of course latter that afternoon I had to try a bag. What were these new flavors? Well first let's explore the flavors of Runts past.

The ones I remember growing up were banana, strawberry, orange, lime, and cherry. When I was in high school they changed it up and replaced lime and cherry with watermelon and blue raspberry. Those two didn't last long, and while I was at LSU they were replaced with mango and pineapple. But the new runts in the vending machine had replaced them with green apple and grape. Which means the total runts line-up is banana, strawberry, orange, green apple, and grape.

My thought on the new flavors is that they aren't nearly as good as mango and pineapple. Although, honestly I think they should go back to the original and bring back cherry and lime flavors. Has anyone else seen these new flavors around?


P.S Did anyone else hear that the Duggar's are expecting their 19th child? I think they should go for an 20. I do think its pretty amusing that Michele & Jim-Bob's first grandchild will be older than the 19th kid. Pretty crazy.

P.P.S. Remember the waste of money Stacy's Pita chips? I finished the last of them last night. Which means they lasted about two weeks. I'd say they turned out to pretty worth it, don't you?


  1. I love runts! Haven't had them in a looong time!
    I also saw the Duggars news and I thought the same thing as you! It was like well...might as well shoot for twenty now!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I had no idea they had new flavors!! They better still have banana! That's my favorite!

  3. I never knew about the new runt flavors! My favorite has always been the bananas. I love artificial banana flavors. Like Runts. And Laffy Taffy. And popsicles. Mmmm. I think I like artificial banana flavoring more than I like real bananas!!

    I can't even fathom having 19 kids. That is insane!

  4. Oh the vending machine... I hit the vending machines sometimes at hotels. It's really bad to have dinner from the vending machine. :)

    I love chewy runts too and I don't like it when they change our good ole flavors.

  5. I haven't had runts in forever, but loved them (in the original flavors) growing up. Banana was my favorite! This sounds like a good snack to sneak in next time at the movies.