Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall into Fall

On Labor Day the boy and I drove out to his parent's house. On the way there, I made him stop at a Starbucks. He wants to be sure that I wrote down that this was under protest by him. He's just isn't a coffee fan. If he's in need of a caffeine fix he'll always have a Coke.

But back to me! I had my first Starbucks pumpkin spice latte of the season.
Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte
I can't quite say pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite, that place is currently held by gingerbread lattes (or gingersnap lattes as Starbucks has started calling them). But maybe in a few months I'll have a taste test to decide which I prefer, because I do think its awfully close!

Since we've officially enter pumpkin spice latte season, I guess that means fall has arrived. The weather has started cooling off slightly in Baton Rouge, but I'm sure there's still a feel days of ridiculous heat coming up. So to everyone out there, happy fall! And do you have a favorite coffee drink? Or do you dislike all coffee in general like the boy?



  1. Yay for pumpkin spice lattes! I like the Peppermint Mocha ones but they have so many calories! Boo!

    BTW- we are officially NOT friends you bruin-lover. :-)

  2. I'm a sucker for the peppermint mocha! :-)
    Also, I love the holiday cups... Sometimes I get one just to cheer me up.

    I had a pumpkin spice frap the other day (it was way too hot for a hot coffee) and it was delicious. Like a slice of pumpkin pie in my cup.


  3. my favorite is the caramel apple cider :)

  4. I like a simple skim vanilla latte. If I am not counting calories, I would have a mocha from Caribou coffee, which is a chain in the midwest (I don't think they are outside of the midwest but I'm not sure about that!).

    I also like pumpkin spice lattes, too.

  5. oh my goodness, I have written about my love for pumpkin spice lattes before but let me just say: I LOVE them! when I went to Starbucks the other day I saw a sign saying the Pumpkin Spice Latte was back. even though I didn't order it (it was still too hot out), I got excited. and I even got a sample at the drive through window. I think they called it a pumpkin spice frappuccino? anyhow, it was delicious.

    yeah for fall drinks!

  6. I usually drink my coffee with light cream and splenda. But I do love the pumpkin spice lattes and those peppermint mochas. I love fall!

  7. I'm the only one in my whole my family who can't stand the taste of coffee. I don't like anything that has even the slightest hint of coffee in it. But I do love the way it smells and I wish I liked it, because it seems like such a good wake up drink. Diet Coke is my go to caffeine source of choice.

  8. I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte EVER this fall and I LOVED it! I will definitely be having it more often.

    I'm also loving the cooler fall weather!

  9. I love pumpkin spiced lattes! I had my first one last week. They're delish.