Tuesday, December 13, 2016

1 Month Update

1 Month
You're 1 month old!
October 27
It's crazy how quickly this month has gone by. I thought time flew by with your big sister, but it's going by so much faster this time. I'm guessing because with her I could basically just sit and stare at her, whereas this time there is so much else going on that you're basically around for the ride.
Going trick-or-treating. #happyhalloween
October 31
But before we get into more detail, here's a few official stats. You weigh 8 lbs 5 ozs (10th%ile). You are 21.26 inches long (28th%ile). Your head circumference is 37 cm (18th%ile).
November 2
You're still wearing newborn clothes, although we moved up to size 1 diapers about 2-ish weeks ago since you were soaking through them. (I've yet to bring out the cloth diapers, but I'm hoping you get to experience them soon.) And while it isn't an official stat, I will say everyone keeps talking about how big your hands and feet are.
We're out of the world. 🌜⭐️💫
November 4
Knowing how well your sister slept I was sure we were in for it with you, but so far, so good. Your bedtime is 7:30 the same as your big sister, so when Daddy puts her to sleep I get to hang out with you. You're waking up 2 times at night, normally around 1 and 4am. Although there were a handful of times you slept through the 1am feeding and it was glorious. I'm hopeful that it will become far more of a regular occurrence soon!
Our votes have officially been cast! #election2016
November 8
You seem to be a big fan of being held upright. You have pretty good control of your head and overall seem pretty strong. You've even managed to roll over from stomach to back once so far.
November 15
As for firsts, well, I guess everything is new for you. You've celebrated your first Halloween (dressing up like an LSU football player) and Thanksgiving. You attended our first birthday party when your cousin turned 7. Sadly you weren't quite big enough to join a laser tag game, but those days are coming. You went out to dinner for the first time at Acme Oyster Houses celebrating your Nana's birthday.
November 17
Being our second time on the journey I know how quickly everything changes, so for now I'm really just trying to savor all of those tiny baby snuggles.
November 20
Birth Story