Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Painted Ponies Go Up and Down

I remember back when I was pregnant with Elley, everyone told me how fast time would fly by. So often that it started to feel a little annoying. After all, I was an adult and already knew how you'd blink and find the year was ending.

Except then I actually had a baby, and I got it. There's something about having a concrete marker of time that puts everything in a new light. You don't realize 4 months have gone by, until you look back at newborn pictures and see how different a baby looks. Especially since photos of me 4 months ago, well they don't look a whole lot different than I look now.

As much as I look forward to the future and seeing Elley grow, part of me wishes I could go back and repeat it all. Just to hear one more time her little baby grunts or smell that newborn baby smell.

Alas, that technology isn't quite there. But we are left with pictures and videos, a snapshot of what's gone by. I thought I had a bunch of photos on my phone before baby, but it's nothing like what's on there now. Except sadly, that's where they stay.

Yes, I upload them online to save them. I've had photos printed once, but none of those are actually in a frame. I've been working on a photo book, and hopefully I'll finish it by the end of the year. And that's just the photos. What are you supposed to do with all the videos?

Lucky for me, I was contacted by Chris of GrandVideo, a service that takes all of your short videos and edits them together into a professional movie. He explained to me his company, but even more than that offered me a video for Elley. Besides book reviews I very rarely write sponsored posts but this was too good to pass up!

Speaking of time flying by, I've actually had this video for a few months now (hence the fact it's about Elley's first year and she's almost a year and a half!), but I'm finally getting around to sharing it with you all. So after much anticipation, I'm excited to share Elley's first year with you all!

Elley: Year One
from GrandVideoSF on Vimeo.

How do you preserve all your photos and movies and memories? Hopefully you're better at it than I am!

This video was provided to me free of charge from GrandVideo. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my gosh that video made me grin ear to ear. What an amazing way to use the photos and videos you have taken! Love it!

    I am not great about developing photos from my phone. I did develop some to give to Phil 2 birthdays ago but haven't done anything with any since then! I should at least print off some vacation photos!

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