Monday, May 25, 2015

Mother's Day Rewind

I know we're a few weeks late here, but I couldn't let my first Mother's Day go by undocumented, so finally it's making it to the blog. Normally on Sundays the boy has his baseball game, but with it being a holiday, we started off the weekend seeing the boy play on a Saturday. And by seeing, I mean one of us may have slept through most of it.
photo 10
While you can't quite see Elley's onesie, here's a slightly better, although still obstructed photo. But for even more clarification it says, I Have More Hair Than My Dad. You can see a much clearer photo of the text when she received it as a Hanukkah present.
I Have More Hair Than My Dad
On Mother's Day itself, well there was more baseball to be had, and we went to an LSU game. The game was crazy hot and as soon as we arrived the boy bought us both snowballs, which Elley attempted to enjoy herself.
photo 13
We then spent sometime in the air conditioned souvenir shop and hall of fame, before the boy took her into the shade, where we basically passed out for several innings.
photo 14
This time her LSU onesie actually made it to the game and not so coincidentally LSU won what was their last regular season game, against Missouri.
photo 12
Maybe not the most expected Mother's Day celebration, but still fun. Although don't be surprised if you see an upcoming post about the weekend after Mother's Day that looks a little more traditional. And just for fun, here's one more picture taken on Mother's Day.


  1. What makes Mother's Day a celebration is that you are a mom and you get to do what you want! This looks like a fun way to celebrate :)

  2. I love that photo of her totally passed out at the baseball game. What a cutie!! Even if your Mother's Day celebration wasn't all that traditional, it sounds like you guys had a lot of fun!!

  3. She's adorable! I love that picture of her sleeping at the LSU game... it's hilarious! Babies can sleep through anything. I wish I could sleep like that!