Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Laters Baby

Fifty Shades of Grey
Yes, this is the first movie I saw post-baby. It's wasn't even one I saw with the boy since it was with a group of friends, which does mean we've yet to see a movie together since Elley arrived. But since this post is meant to be about the actual movie, let's get to it.

I actually wound up really enjoying this, and thought it was well done. Considering how bad this could have turned out that was quite impressive. It actually wasn't nearly as over the top as it could have been since they took out several of the more risque things out.

I had completely forgotten where the first book ended and was a bit surprised when the movie ended. So much of what I remember is actually from books 2 and 3, which does means as much I as enjoyed this I'm looking forward to the next ones even more.


  1. I should bite the bullet and read the books. My boyfriend was like "please tell me you aren't seeing this!" ha!

  2. I have gone back and forth on whether or not to read this/see the movies and I have decided I'm not going to. It was good to read your positive review though, since I haven't seen many good ones about the movie.