Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2 Month Update

Elley, you are two months old!
2 Months Old
February 11
You weigh 9 lbs 6 ozs (16th%ile), have a head circumference of 38.1 cm (34th%ile), and are 21.85" (31%ile).
January 20th
You're still wearing 3 months size clothes. You're wearing size 1 diapers or have your bumgeniuses snapped all the way up. Although you have graduated from the newborn insert in your diapers.
Playing with the Giraffe
January 20th
You're baby pimples are pretty much gone. (There were pretty atrocious around 1 month.) Your cradle cap is also a lot better than when it was all over your forehead and eyebrows a few weeks ago. Still there, but mainly on the top of your head.
photo 5 (1)
January 25th
You really are an easy baby, and you're definitely spoiling us. Especially since any future brothers or sisters you have will, I'm sure, be drastically different. I keep telling your dad we must be in for an awful childhood or teenage years with you, because no child can be so easy all the time!
Baby Eyelashes
Baby Eyelashes, February 6
You're still sleeping really, really well. Three out of the last four nights you've slept all through the night, meaning we've fed you at 7:30 and you stayed asleep till around 6. The one night where that didn't happen you made it till 4:40, which still isn't bad. Most of those nights too, once I put you in bed you stay asleep. Although there are still nights were you aren't quite down and one of us will need to go back in 10 or 15 minutes later to make sure you're actually asleep.
Morning Photo
February 9
You are a really happy baby, and in general only cry if you want something. You're happy on your stomach or laying on your back, but once you're finished and want someone to hold you, you'll let us know.
February 4
You've started smiling too! It doesn't happen that often, so it's always a pleasant surprise when it happens.
February 3
We've finally found a pacifier that you seem to enjoy, and it's really the main reason we're able to keep you calm in the late afternoon. But while there's been a few times we're you've needed it to calm down enough to go to sleep, in general you able to fall asleep on your own.
Baby & Mommy
February 7
You are still rolling over from your front to back, although not nearly as often. Most times you don't seem to mind it, although there have been occasions where you seem awfully upset and can't figure out why everything now looks upside down.

Rolling Over, January 27
I feel like I could go on and on about you, more than I already have, but it sounds like you're about to be waking up from a nap. So here's to your first two amazing months, and many more to come!
1 Month Old
1 Month


  1. I cannot believe it's been 2 months already! So glad she's such a good, sweet little baby and you are loving motherhood :)

  2. What a beautiful baby. You are lucky with having a baby with such an easy going temperament. You've been blessed!

  3. She's so darling! Hope you're feeling great too!

  4. She sounds like the perfect baby!

  5. She is so cute! I see both of you and the Boy in her! That is awesome that she is such an easy going baby and is sleeping so well for you! I hope that trend continues when you go back to work!!

  6. So cute! What pacifer did you find that works? My two month old could use one but we havent found one she likes!

    1. It's these gumdrop pacifiers, I think she might like them because they're shaped similar to an actual nipple? It did, and sometimes still does, take her a bit to figure them out, but overall she's seems to be a big fan. Hopefully they work for you, or you're able to find something that works better!

  7. Beautiful! I've always wondered what having an easy baby would be like ;)

  8. She seems like such a doll. I love that picture of her looking in the mirror. Adorable :) And Sam, at almost six years old, STILL has patches of cradle cap. Blah.