Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1 Month Update

Elley, you are one month old!
1 Month Old
January 11th
You are 8 lbs 7 ozs (26th%ile) and have a head circumfrence of 36.5 cm (35th%ile). In terms of height, it looks like you shrunk since you're now measuring 19.29" (2%ile) compared to the 20.5" they measured at the hospital. Of course, it seems unlikely that you shrunk, but more that someone measured wrong. After all, babies aren't the best at listening to directions to stretch out their legs.
Tiny Toes
Tiny Toes, January 1st
You're wearing newborn diapers still, or at least you were till we used the last one this morning (which at the time I'm writing this is January 13, 2 days after your actual 1 month birthday). But we do have size 1 for you instead, and did try one out yesterday to make sure they fit. Although actual the majority of your days are spent in your Bumgenius diapers, which your wearing all the way snapped.
January 1st
You're starting to slowly outgrown your newborn clothes. The actual sleepers with feet have been finished for a while because you're too long. You are still able to fit into a few newborn onesies, although only as long as you're not wearing a cloth diaper, which means you'll basically sleep in them since we use disposables at night.
Our First LSU Game
Watching the LSU Game, December 30th
You got to watch your first LSU game. Although you weren't very happy during it, which considering the outcome isn't that surprising.
Geaux Tigers
So you can at least (somewhat)see her LSU onesie, December 30
You had your first walk, which again you weren't very happy with.
First Walk
Not Happy, January 6th
You did finally calm down just after the first corner. We didn't see a person for most of the walk, except at our last corner there were a bunch of kids playing and as soon as you got near them you started screaming again, I'm sure just to make us look bad.
Finally Calm
The Little Bit of Calm, January 6th
You had your first bath, although it didn't last long since you decided to use the water as a toilet almost immediately. And I mean the kind that's easy to see. But we have managed 2 baths since then that have been far more successful.
First Bath
First Bath, January 5
You've managed to roll over. Five times actually! Which considering that most babies don't manage till that around 4 months is quite impressive. I'm not quite sure you actually know what you're doing, but instead you just thrash around on your stomach enough where you wind up on your back.
Head Up
Practicing to Roll Over, January 9th
You got to meet your godmother, who flew out to visit for a weekend.
The 3 Girls
You, Me, and Your Godmother, January 10th
While she was here you got to experience another big first, your first time instead a Starbucks. (They do still have holiday flavors, but holiday treats are gone. Which does mean I had only a single slice of gingerbread loaf, which thankfully your dad brought me in the hospital the day you were born.)
1st Starbucks Run
First Starbucks Trip, January 9th
You are still a pretty easy baby, and you're sleeping longer at night. There's been a few times now when I've feed you around 7, put you to sleep, and you've slept till 2am! Of course, I need to start going to sleep earlier to take better advantage of it.
January 10th
In general, you are still pretty good during the morning. Yes, you do want to be rocked to sleep then (compared to nighttime when you'll basically fall asleep on your own), but you don't fight sleep too much.
Not Having This
Still January 10th
Normally the afternoons, from 4 to 7 or so, are definitely your witching hour. You fight sleep then, and can't decide what it is you want to make you happy, although I wouldn't be surprised if this awake time is a lot of the reason you sleep so well at night.
What's Up
January 4th
You've definitely had an eventful first month, but while I'm sorry to say the months ahead won't have nearly as many holidays in them, there's still a lot to look forward to. I can't wait to see your little personality come out! Or as a much closer reality, I can't wait to see an actual smile which I've heard will happen in the next month. Definitely a lot too look forward to with you!


  1. She is so adorable!! Love the wide eyed shot at the end!

  2. Awww! She's so cute! Happy 1 month!

  3. It's so impressive that she's already rolling!

  4. Aww! I love all her photos... she has some great expressions! Seems like a great first month, and how awesome that she's rolling over!

  5. Aw, she is so cute! That is awesome that she is sleeping pretty good for you. My nephew Charlie rolled over really early, too. But then he stopped for a couple of months and then started doing it again around 4 months, I think? It was crazy to see him rolling over as a newborn!

    I love how expressive her facial expressions are! And I love that the boy brought you a treat from Starbucks on the day she was born! So sweet!

  6. Cutie! There are so many exciting "firsts" with her ahead. I'm glad you're soaking them up, even the hard (crying) moments. How thrilling it will be to see her smile! :)

  7. How has it already been a month!! Craziness! She is so sweet!

  8. She is too cute! I love all her firsts--especially that she's crying for so many of them. Like Tommy Pickles always says, "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do."

    1. It's kind of funny that so many pictures show her crying since she really doesn't cry that much. I guess she just takes after her dad and hates having photos taken? Ha!

      And I love that Rugrats quote! Although it can't compete with Angelica's, "If you have to ask, you'll never know."

  9. So cute! We have a 4-7 witching hour too.. it seems like she just wants to eat constantly during this time.

  10. She's had a very busy first month!

  11. Adorable! Love all the crying pics - they are what you see most in that first year:)