Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Actual Anniversary

I know I blogged how I abandoned the boy for our first wedding anniversary, but that may have been a little dramatic. Yes, I was gone part of our anniversary weekend, but was back the night before, which left us time for a movie and dinner. We even had time to take an official anniversary photo, which is one of the few times the boy will actually consent to a picture.
1st Anniversary
For dinner we went to Fleming's. While it is a chain, we've heard nothing but fabulous things about it, and it definitely lived up to expectations. I started the night off with a Farmer's Daughter which included strawberries and basil with lemon and cranberry juices.
Farmer's Daughter
We then split their lamb chops which came with polenta fries.
Lamb Chops
My camera seemed to have issues focusing in the low lights (and by that I mean I basically have no idea what I'm doing with it), but miraculously I made the steak look pretty gorgeous.
Steak & Potaroes
I had mine with a side of mashed potatoes (which you can see in the background), while the boy had macaroni and cheese. There wasn't really a decision needed for dessert since they had creme brullee on the menu, and every time it's available, it's ALWAYS what I want.
Creme Brulle
All in all, I thought it was a deliciously awesome wedding anniversary, and hopefully we'll have many more just like it!

Since I'm sure some of you must be curious, no, we didn't save our top tier. The thought of eating one-year-old wedding cake sketched me out a little. I thought about ordering a small cake from our bakery, but since our anniversary was on a weekend, and we were going out anyway it wasn't really needed. Plus I'd choose creme brulee over cake any day!

What are your thoughts on eating wedding cake for your 1st anniversary?


  1. It looks and sounds like you had a great first anniversary!

  2. I'm the same way with creme brulee, and I get all depressed when a place doesn't have it on the menu. We have a Flemings, but I've never been. Maybe it's time to change that.

    1. Have you ever tried making it? If not, I think you really should try! I made creme brulee for the first time for New Year's and was surprised at how easy it was. You do need special tools to do it, but once you have them it isn't a huge deal. I remember my mom making a pumpkin one one year, and I've been thinking about trying to make something similar this year for Thanksgiving.

  3. We had our cake on our anni; my mother-in-law made our cake, and we stored it with marshmallows (it's supposed to keep it fresher in the freezer). It mostly tasted cold. I don't think we ate much of it (it's been four years now).

    1. I've never heard of that marshmallow trick before. But it sounds awfully clever to me!