Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hurricane Gustav

I officially have power and internet back so I figure this deserves an update. Especially since most people I talk to seem to have no idea that a hurricane even hit Baton Rouge.

So let's see... the hurricane officailly hit on Monday September 1, which was labor day, so luckily most people were off from work. Of corse there were a few pre-hurricane problems, like going to the bank on Sunday and not having the touch screen working, or having the movie theater closed on Sunday night. Anyways we slept in on Monday and woke up at around noon, just after the power had gone out. We hung out at the house and pretty much read.

That night we went over to the Boy's sister's mother and father-in-law's house. The drive there was pretty freaky. Of corse power was out everywhere, so it was pretty much pitch black, and they were HUGE trees just lying down in the middle of the street. But they at least had a genterator so some lights were on as was a fan. When we first got there the UCLA game was on, however the cable went out a bit after.

Tuesday work had been canceled so we spent most of the day reading and playing Uno. At around 4-ish we drove to the Boy's parents house since the area around them was starting to get power back. Also at this point curfews were in place, there was a 6pm curfew in Livingston Parish which is where the Boys's parents live and a 8pm curfew in EBR parish were we live.

There was some power and lights that were working on the drive over. After about 3 tries we actually found a working atm and were able to get cash out. And there were some gas stations open, all of which had about 3 hour lines.

Unfortunatly, there was no power at the actually house. They did have a generator, but that was mainly running the refridgerators. We spent that night playing scarble and life (the way old skool origonal version)

Wednesday I actually had to go back to work, which wasn't that bad since they were running off a generator, so there was air conditioning and I could charge my cell phone, plus they brought us lunch.

Wednesday night, thankfully the Boy's parents got power. Mindy, and Jazz and the Sadie, came over then to enjoy the air conditioning. I wanna say we did hot dogs and hamburgers for diner that night. We all played gin rummy that night and of corse got to watch tv. Since the guys had to watch tv and it was the only football game on we watched Motre Dei vs Carson at Vets Stadium.

Thurday work again, still the same. We were running off a generator, they bought us food, most stop lights were still off in the city, ridiculous lines for gas. That night Matt and Lacey and their son also spent the night at Boy's parents' house to partake in the air conditioning. We did fish for diner and all played clue.

Friday I had work again, this was technically our first day being pretty much fully operational and they brought us lunch again. I got gas as I left work, bc I happened to drive by a station w/o a line. Although at this poin most gas stations that hadd opened had normal pre-hurricane lines. Friday night we did spighetti and played life (the new simpson's version).

No work on Saturday for me, so I pretty much hung out and read most of the day. The LSU football game had been rescheduled, but fortunatly for most people there were football games on tv.

Power came back to the house last night so we ventured back this morning. The city is slowly making its way back and getting power again, although it looks like Hurricane Ike might also be coming next Saturday, so let's hope things aren't nearly as bad a week from now. (as it is EBR parish schools aren't even starting school till Monday Sept 15)

I didn't really take pictures because the Boy said that would be too tourit-y, but really my camera didn't have much of a charge. Here's a quick one of the Boy doing homework by candle light on Wednesday
Beau doing homework by candle light

Well its guess that's it for now yo!

P.S. yeah, it doesn't really look like I'll be writing about the rest of my Isral trip, but there are always the pictures to look at on my flickr sight yo

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