Sunday, October 21, 2007

So diner last night turned out surprisingly well. And so a bit of photojournaling of the night:

First is the Garlic chicken with Lemon and Rosemarry. Here it is ready to go into the oven.
Ready to go in the oven
And here it is finished. Notice the empty hole, where I took a piece of chicken to test and make sure it was done.
Garlic Chicken with Lemon and Rosemary
Then we have pesto mashed potatos
Pesto Mashed Potatos
And for a salad, we have like Dole organic lettice or something silly like that, with Nectarines. Then I made the dressing with Olive Oil, Red wine vinagarette, honey, and lemon juice
Salad with Nectarines
And here's a picture of everything dished out
All together now
Of corse diner is not complete without dessert, and for that we have LSU Purple and Gold cupcakes!
Purple and Gold Cupcakes

Of corse, after diner we watched the LSU game. The first half was so ugly, the Boy gave up on watching it, and messed around at the computer. Of corse during the 2nd half once Early actually got involved, we started doing better. But the Boy refused to come back and sit with me. Claiming, him sitting at the computer had been the good luck the Tigers needed. Whatever...
But we won! Barely! We made the touchdown catch with 0:01 left on the clock and came back to win it by 6 points! Geaux Tigers!

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