Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's a Blog, Not a Memoir Part 2

Bright Lights, Big Ass by Jen Lancaster
You might have noticed this has been under my goodreads sidebar for a while as books I've read. And now I am finally actually writing about it. I did enjoy reading this, but I do think I liked her first book better. (If you're curious you can read my review of Bitter is the New Black here.) I think its partly because there was more of an actual plot line to the first book. For example in Bitter she loses her job, is unemployed, and they by the end has her book deal. Brights Lights didn't have nearly as cohesive of a story line. It basically takes place while she was writing Bitter, and you could say the story is just what goes on behind the scenes when you're writing a book.

Honestly, there didn't seem to be much a flow between chapters. Instead each chapter read as if it was an expanded blog entry. Considering she is a blogger, I'm guessing that's exactly what each chapter actually was. An entry from her blog that she developed into chapter length. With that said if you like reading blogs, you'll probably enjoy reading. And I'm going to guess if you're here on my blog reading this then you probably do like reading blogs.

Even though I thought this book wasn't as good as Bitter, I'm still planning on reading the next two. I don't really like ending something before I'm finished. Hopefully the books do get better, although even if they are only as good as Bright Lights, I'll still enjoy them.



  1. I think I'm going to check out Bitter is the New Black then :)

  2. Thanks for the review and I am looking forward to reading all of the books. I just got Pretty in Plaid for my b'day and I'm wondering if I should read the other books first.

  3. I still have Pretty in Plaid on my shelf waiting to be read. Sookie and Bill have taken over my life... ;)

  4. Of all her books the first and the last were my favorites. I think your review was right on.

  5. I'm reading! Added you to my reader the other day!

    I read this book and had the same exact opinion as you...the whole time I was reading, I kept wondering, where's the plot? I loved the first book though.