Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2014 in Numbers

I may have a slight obsession with the my blog's statistics. I'm not quite sure what everyone else does, but I'm guessing most people don't look at them every single day, as the first thing once their computer is on. It's not that I necessary care when they're higher or lower, but more that I'm just curious what they are. Since I like knowing what they are on a daily basis, it makes sense that I love being able to compare them each year, which is why the past two years I've written out a post of yearly numbers. This year is no different.

To see my stats from years past go here:

I currently have 295 followers through GFC and 298 followers through Bloglovin.

I've had just over 16,000 unique page views in 2014 according to Google Analytics (which is where the rest of the stats are from as well).

The top 10 most viewed blog posts in 2014 were:
1. Show Us Your... Holiday Decorations {2014}
2. Brulee-ing In the New Year
3. Let's Get Mixed Up
4. Behind the Labels
5. Nobody Better Lay a Finger
6. Why I'm Using Feedly Over Bloglovin
7. Steak it to Me
8. Five on Friday (4)
9. Winner Winner
10. You Got the White Stuff

The top 10 most viewed blog posts written in 2014 were:
1. Show Us Your... Holiday Decorations {2014}
2. Let's Get Mixed Up
3. Steak it to Me
4. Five on Friday (4)
5. You Got the White Stuff
6. It's a Baby!
7. Show Us Your... Gallery Walls
8. Five on Friday (2)
9. In The Land of Men {Giveaway}
10. Baby Bumpin'

The top 10 blogs that referred visitors were:
1. Kelly's Korner
2. New Girl on the Post
3. Little Mrs. Married
4. Blonde...Undercover Blonde
5. Walking With Nora
6. Here's the Scoop
7. Stacey Snacks
8. Books in the Burbs
9. Beyond the Aisle
10. Carolina Charm

In 2014, I had blog visitors from 83 different countries
The top 10 visitor countries were:
1. United States
2. Canada
3. United Kingdom
4. Germany
5. Australia
6. Poland
7. Brazil
8. Finland
9. France
10. India

In 2014, I had visitors from all 50 states as well as Washington D.C..
The top 10 visitor states were:
1. California
2. Louisiana
3. Texas
4. New York
5. Virginia
6. New Mexico
7. Florida
8. Pennsylvania
9. Arkansas
10. Massachusetts

Are you as obsessive of your blog stats as I am? Or let me know how you found yourself at From L.A. to LA or where you're reading from?


  1. I am now curious about my blog(s) stats, but the only thing I do right now is track followers. Since I have eleven blogs, that means I keep a Word doc with the numbers and add to it as needed...LOL.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Yes, I look at my stats on WordPress every day, but on Google Analytics probably only once a week or every other week. I love seeing what topics are most popular (marriage/dating, fashion, and feminism, for the record). Plus it's exciting to see growth over time! I try not to obsess over numbers from week to week, but rather look at overall trends.

  3. I love these numbers too :) Yay! Proud to rep PA on that list!

  4. Not obsessed, but I am happier when the numbers are higher and I do check most days.

  5. I don't really look at my numbers. I think I have Google Analytics but I forget to check it. I do like looking at my stats when I link up to somewhere to see how much traffic my blog is getting.

    I love that I'm your number six referring site :) It makes me feel special!!!

  6. It's interesting to see this summary! I never look at my blog statistics. I feel like I would be disappointed if I did as I am sure the # of people who read my blog has declined over the years (which I am honestly OK with). It's cool to see that you had visitors from so many different countries!

  7. I forgot how I first found your blog but I'm so glad I did because it's one of my favorite blogs that I read.

    I was born & raised in New York but I currently live in South Carolina.

    Amy @ http://nystateofmind5.blogspot.com/

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'm glad you discovered it as well and happy to have you reading along!