Thursday, December 4, 2014

When You Wish...

I feel like I'm incredibly late coming up with my holiday wish list this year. Actually it's a proven fact considering my wish lists from 2013, 2012, and 2010 were all posted in November. I guess I may have just been a little preoccupied by the fact that a baby will be joining our house in about a week! But since I'm not yet officially a mom, I guess I can still be a little selfish and list out of few things I'd love to take home this holiday season.

Pajamas from Victoria's Secret used to be my go-to holiday wish, at least until I stocked up on a drawer full of them. But all the ones I have are either tank tops or t-shirt tops, which don't really lend themselves to middle of the night feedings. So I'd love to have at least one button down pair to add. These ones with pictures of Paris, London, and France appropriately called City Girl Print are the favorites that I've found.

We don't really have a ton of decorative plates in our house. These ones while they're meant to be used as Hanukkah, would likely work just as well for Passover in my opinion. Plus well, pretty much any other Jewish holiday.

The first concert I ever went to was Garth Brooks and actually the first cd I bought was also by him, (except by cd, I actually mean tape...) so he's definitely a long time favorite. I have pretty much all his other cds, and I'd love to add his newest to my collection.

We do have a dish towel that I love that we keep on the stove, but it's starting to show some wear and tear. I'm not quite ready to retire it, but I'd at least be willing to rotate it with this one of French cheeses.

After what feels like years of not being able to eat desserts, once the baby is out all bets are off. Well, not really, but still, I'll be eating desserts again. While we may not have an actual See's store in Louisiana, during holiday season there is at least normally a cart of this amazing-ness at the mall. I'd love to have a box of their soft centers.... or maybe their peanut brittle... or both!

We do have two casserole dishes, but they're both clear and kind of boring. So I'd love to add a pretty Le Creuset one to our collection. Plus both of our dishes are rectangle, and this one is square, so clearly we need to diversify.

I did get my pump through my insurance, but recently realized I'll actually need something to carry it to and from work each day. Not only do I like the way this one looks, but it's specifically made for the type of pump I have.

We actually do have a good amount of our china, but still, you can always have more... at least until you've completed it. One thing we don't have are any serving platters, like this medium sized one.

What are some of the items on your holiday wish list this year?


  1. I love the plates. Those are great because you can use them for something besides Hanukkah (unlike Christmas china).

  2. New PJs are always a nice treat! And the ones from Vickie's are so cute. I'd also love to get Le Creuset. Thanksgiving showed me that we need more large bakeware (and more simple platters!).

  3. I need a new set of plates. I hoping to find some at an after holiday sale.

  4. LOVE Sees candy!! I'll have to send you a box.

  5. I love seeing what is on others' wish lists! That Le Crueset dish looks awesome - I would love something like that!