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From Miss to Mrs: Reception Details

Before our wedding, back when I was reading everything I could on weddings, I used to love detail posts the most. So where when I started writing our recaps, this was the one post I've been looking forward to the most. Except that I've put off writing it, because what if I couldn't do it justice. But the wait is no longer, because it's finally here, and hopefully you feel it lives up to expectations! I've already posted the ceremony details, so these are just the details from the reception.

Our reception was in the Neptune Ballroom, named so because of the old submarine inside it. I can't say I would have ever expected to have our wedding reception was a submarine, but I don't think most people noticed it. And if they did, at least it made a conversation piece.
The photo above doesn't have the room completely set up, but if is the only shot I have which gives you an idea of what the room as a whole looked like. One thing you should notice though, is that we had chiavari chairs. It wouldn't have been something I'd upgrade for, but since they were the only option our venue had, they were included.
00011 - Copy
When our guests walked in the room, there was a table at the entrance with the escort cards. Depending on the table number assigned, I had either the symbol itself, or the symbol with its name. (If you're curious this post explains how the holders were made.)
On the same table with the escort cards was our guestbooks, which included family wedding photos, photos of the two of us growing up, and well as photos and mementos of our relationship. In the photo above of my sister-in-law and niece, you can see a few Halloween themed photos as well as an almost-empty escort card holder.
sara - 18
Personal Photo
This photo is one of my favorite photos including our guestbook and it wasn't even taken by our photographer. It shows MOH, her mother, and my grandmother looking through the various photos together (all 3 of whom made the guest book a few times).
Each table had a centerpiece with a wine bottle containing blue and purple fabric flowers. (I collected wine bottles in the months leading up to the wedding, and had enough for each table, plus some for the escort card table and candy buffet.) Also we two small glass jars with blue and purple stones with votive candles. And of course, a sign showing the table number as well as a picture frame explaining what that number meant. The photo above shows the explanation for phi, the golden ratio, and the one below is one of my favorites, aleph naught which represents a countable infinite. (Remember how in The Fault in Our Stars they talk about different types of infinity? This is one of those.)
All food was served on Houmas House china. This was actually the pattern used by the homeowners in the 1800s. Pieces of the china were discovered, and the current owner commissioned modern day china to match it's historical inspiration.
Speaking of food, the cake was 3 square tiers frosted butter cream with a blue fondant ribbon. The actually cake stand was borrowed from our bakery.
I actually picked up the cake topper from Michael's the day before our bakery wanted it to make sure the cake would be strong to hold it. Funny enough, even though I picked it up on a whim, I fell a little in love with it and was surprised by how many people commented on it.
The flower was a light yellow gum paste rose. When ordering my cake I was told to keep the rose and it would harden and become porcelain like. Which it did and is still sitting on my dresser as a keepsake.
Funny enough, the rose isn't the only wedding item currently decorating our home. Our mantle currently holds 4 wine bottles filled with fabric flowers, as well as our cake topper.

Have any elements from your wedding turned into home decor? And which of the details do you think lived up to anticipation?

All photos in this post unless otherwise noted courtesy of Sabree Hill Photography.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I though it was pretty perfect for the two of us.And people seemed to enjoy it too.

  2. I thought I would keep more of our table decorations but we didn't. Our "cake topper" was actually a musical figurine my parents got for one of their anniversaries. I'm not sure where that wound up.

    1. We did actually throw quite a number of things away though. I remember throwing most of those small glass balls out after the wedding. Although looking back, part of me wishes I had kept them, just in case...

  3. I love the details! Your venue is so unique and fun. I love chivari chairs. It's too expensive to upgrade, but makes such a difference to me! Luckily that's the only option at our venue, too! Also, very cool about the flower on the cake! What a fun keepsake! :)

    1. Thank you! I never would have thought I'd be able to keep part of my cake, so it's definitely been a nice surprise.

  4. Your reception was beautiful!! I Love those chairs and your cake is so elegant.